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"Desperate Times", known in Japan as The Last Defense (死守 Shishu?), is the fourth scenario of Resident Evil Outbreak File #2. It takes place at the Raccoon Police Station somewhere between September 27 and 28 of 1998. The level was completed from a draft outlined as Scenario "R015", one of some forty or so proposed stages for the game.

Plot summary[]

With the Raccoon Police Station now lost to the Zombies, Lieutenant Marvin Branagh and a group of survivors make plans to escape through a series of tunnels under the station. They realize Rita Phillips is the only officer small enough, making it her mission to get to the other side and send help back for the others. Lt. Branagh entrusts the survivors with finding plates to open the passage and, when done so, Rita heads out for help, finding Harry who is driving a van. While the two make their way back to the station, the other police officers are killed in various circumstances: Fred is killed by crows on the helipad; Aaron is killed by Zombies climbing over the east stairwell fence, and Tony is killed by the Dobermans when he tries to rescue them. This leaves just Lt. Branagh and the survivors left.

They head outside as Zombies begin climbing over the fence, and for several minutes fight for their lives. When Harry's van arrives, Lt. Branagh has been injured by the Zombies, and chooses to stay behind.


Unlike other levels, Desperate times is fairly linear in its structure, with two main objectives which can only be completed in order, and optional sub-objectives for increasing the final point score. The starting point varies based on location. From Easy to Very Hard, the points are: the main hall, the east office, the underground parking garage, and the eastern side of the 2F waiting room. It should be noted before beginning that most rooms around the police station interior will be flooded with a deadly nerve gas which rapidly increases the Virus Gauge so long as the player remains in the room. It is wise to keep collecting Gas Neutralizing Canisters, or strategically placing them in high-use areas. Read here for how to predict when the gas will be released.

Additionally, NPCs will be placed around the map. Aaron spawns on the Emergency stairwell. Fred can be found on the rooftop, and Tony will appear in the Reception desk room. Aaron and Fred will continuously fire at a perpetually respawning horde of Zombies and Crows, respectively.

Objective 1: Plate collecting[]

In order for Philips to escape via the tunnel, five jeweled plates must be recovered from around the police station and placed into the statue in the main hall.

Item Easy[1] Normal[2] Hard[3] Very Hard[4]
Amethyst Plate AIPC1[note 1] Interrogation witness room Autopsy room Autopsy room
Emerald Plate Autopsy room Autopsy room Waiting room (west) Kennel
Onyx Plate East office East office Kennel Interrogation witness room
Ruby Plate Waiting room (west) Waiting room (west) Interrogation witness room Waiting room (east)[note 2]
Sapphire Plate Holding cell[note 3] Holding cell Holding cell Holding cell
  1. This item is already in the possession of the first-choice partner character at the start of the game.
  2. On this difficulty level, the item is found within a safe that can be opened with the Ace Key. It is found on the west side of the Waiting room on Very Hard.
  3. This item is given to the player when they hand over the "Secret file" item to Ben Bertolucci. The Secret file is found in the Sub station room on Easy and Normal, and is hidden in the safe in the east office on Hard and Very Hard.

Once all five are set into the statue mount, Philips will disappear from the police station, Lt. Branagh moves to the front entrance, and Fred, Tony and Aaron will be dead. Talking to Lt. Branagh will trigger the boss fight. Click here to skip to it. Not talking to Lt. Branagh will give the player a set time to gather weapons and complete sub-missions, and it is wise to drop items and ammunition at the front entrance for when the timer runs out. How long the player has to complete the sub-quests and gather items varies depending on difficulty and the player's online/offline state. Due to how short this time can be, it is advised the player do everything they can before completing the Plate puzzle.

Easy Normal Hard Very Hard
Offline 5 minutes 2 minutes 1 minute 1 minute
Online 2 minutes 50 seconds 45 seconds 20 seconds

Sub-mission: Ben's film reels[]

Ben Bertolucci will reward the player with items in exchange for reels of film found across the map. Unlike the Plates, they appear in the same place in each difficulty.

Item Location Reward
Film A Police station front entrance Recovery Pill
Film B Rooftop Magnum Handgun
Film C Kennel First Aid Spray (Easy and Normal)

Recovery Pill (Hard and Very Hard)

Film D Parking garage ramp Sub machine gun

Objective 2: The invasion[]

Either through talking to Lt. Branagh or running out the timer, the player will spawn at the front entrance with their fellow AIPCs as a large number of Zombies attack. A set number of enemies must be killed in order to end the level, with the number being larger online.[5]

Format Easy Normal Hard Very Hard
Offline 10 20 25 30
Online 30 40 45 50

Gas pattern guide[]

The nerve gas is not random, and is in fact set to a complex set of patterns. Each difficulty has two patterns - Pattern A and Pattern B - and there can be two or three rooms flooded with gas at a time.

Easy and Normal[]

Two rooms will be flooded at the same time on Easy. On Pattern A, the gas is in a room for 120 seconds at a time, followed by a five-second pause where there is no gas anywhere. Pattern A therefore lasts 20 minutes before restarting. Pattern B keeps the five second pause, with gas flooding rooms for 90 seconds, and thereby lasts 15 minutes before repeating. On Normal, both Pattern A and Pattern B last 90 seconds each and have no 5 second gap.

No. Pattern A
(first room)
Pattern A
(second room)
Pattern B
(first room)
Pattern B
(second room)
1 B1F west hall Hallway Night-duty room Sub station room
2 Autopsy room 2F east passage B1F west hall Waiting room
3 1F east hall Underground parking garage 2F east passage Hallway
4 East office Interrogation witness room 1F east hall Underground parking garage
5 Night-duty room B1F east hall Autopsy room Kennel
6 Kennel Sub station room East office Interrogation witness room
7 1F lobby B1F east hall B1F east hall Waiting room
8 Kennel B1F west hall 1F lobby Hallway
9 B1F east hall Hallway Autopsy room Underground parking garage
10 1F east hall 1F lobby 2F east passage Interrogation witness room

Hard and Very Hard[]

Hard and Very Hard use the same set of patterns. The first and second rooms are almost identical to those of Easy and Normal, with the exception of the end of the Pattern A sequence. On Hard the gas floods a room for only 60 seconds before moving, with it being 30 in Very Hard.

No. Pattern A
(first room)
Pattern A
(second room)

Pattern A
(third room)

Pattern B
(first room)
Pattern B
(second room)

Pattern B
(third room)

1 B1F west hall Hallway 1F lobby Night-duty room Sub station room 2F east passage
2 Autopsy room 2F east passage Night-duty room B1F west hall Waiting room B1F east hall
3 1F east hall Underground parking garage Waiting room 2F east passage Hallway Sub station room
4 East office Interrogation witness room 2F east passage 1F east hall Underground parking garage Interrogation witness room
5 Night-duty room B1F east hall 1F lobby Autopsy room Kennel Night-duty room
6 Kennel Sub station room East office East office Interrogation witness room Sub station room
7 1F lobby B1F east hall Underground parking garage B1F east hall Waiting room East office
8 Kennel B1F west hall Interrogation witness room 1F lobby Hallway 2F east passage
9 B1F east hall Hallway Waiting room Autopsy room Underground parking garage Night-duty room
10 1F east hall East office Sub station room 2F east passage Interrogation witness room Kennel

Event Checklist[]

  1. Opened safe in east office (20pts)
  2. Opened safe in waiting room (40pts)
  3. Gave film to Ben (30pts)
  4. Gave film to Ben (50pts)
  5. Removed unicorn medal (10pts)
  6. Opened secret door in hallway (30pts)
  7. Used onyx plate (20pts)
  8. Used ruby plate (20pts)
  9. Used sapphire plate (20pts)
  10. Used emerald plate (20pts)
  11. Used amethyst plate (20pts)
  12. Opened parking garage shutter (30pts)
  13. Connected garage to main hall (20pts)
  14. Boarded up front entrance (20pts)
  15. Moved patrol car in garage (30pts)
  16. Opened Kevin's locker (20pts)
  17. Opened Kevin's desk drawer (20pts)
  18. Unlocked Jean's desk drawer (40pts)
  19. Unlocked drawer in reception (30pts)
  20. Unlocked 1F hall shelf (30pts)
  21. Used padlock key (40pts)
  22. Obtained all maps (20pts)
  23. Obtained "Station memo" (10pts)
  24. Obtained "Police notice" (10pts)
  25. Obtained "Secret file" (10pts)
  26. Obtained "Marvin's memo" (10pts)
  27. Obtained "Emergency orders A" (10pts)
  28. Obtained "Emergency orders B" (10pts)
  29. Obtained "Police diary" (20pts)
  30. Obtained "Bizarre case file" (20pts)
  31. Obtained "Resume envelope" (20pts)



Further notes[]

  • David King has different camera angles in his ending.
  • In the waiting room where you find one of the plates (And where the player starts on very hard mode), there is an item box from previous Resident Evil entries that can be used to climb and retrieve the plate.
  • When the scenario is completed by Kevin, you can see a speeding police car heading towards the station past the SWAT van. Although the edited models of Kevin and Cindy present inside the car are supposed to be Leon and Claire,[6][7] this is not the case as this scenario takes place most likely on September 28 as Jill Valentine is the first to notice Marvin has been fatally wounded by zombies. Leon and Claire visit the police station one day later. Therefore, the police car is merely a non-canon Easter Egg from Resident Evil 2.
  • Ben Bertolucci makes a cameo in this scenario, and is also an unlockable character within the game (If given a roll of film, and then purchased for 3000 points).
  • If an AI character dies in a room by the nervous gas and the player is in a room next to their "dead mark", they will still answer the player if they're called or talked via ab-lib. Once the player goes to the room, the AI will drop dead as soon the player enters the area.
  • In the Reception desk room, there is a Licker crawling outside a small window at the back. The Licker also appears in Resident Evil 2 outside the same window.


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