"As wave after wave of the undead surrounded the city's last bastion of justice and hope, the time had come for the ultimate decision.
警察署を取り囲む無数の殺意。うねりは振幅を増し、 正義の執行人たちを蹂躙すべくにじり寄る。行くか、戻るか――その決断が、生死を分かつ。
— In-game descriptions - English localization and original Japanese script

"desperate times", known in Japan as Defense (死守 Shishu?), is the fourth scenario of Resident Evil Outbreak File 2. It takes place at the Raccoon City Police Department somewhere between September 27 and 28 1998.

Plot summary

After a large group of zombies surround the police station, Kevin Ryman takes refuge inside. Meanwhile, four of the remaining officers; stranded from their colleagues, make their own plan to escape by using a network of vents from the building's old Art Museum days. Marvin tells Rita that; as she is the only member of the team who can fit through the vents, she must use them to escape the station and seek out help.

The survivors collect a number of jeweled plates that; when all fit into a stand near the grand statue, will reveal the access way. Rita uses the vent to leave the station, but does not get back in contact with Marvin until later that night. During this time, two of the officers are killed by the undead while protecting the emergency staircase and rooftop, and a third is mauled by infected dobermans. Marvin is infected by a Zombie bite after being attacked outside while waiting for Rita.

Rita finally arrives in a SWAT van driven by fellow officer Harry just in time, knocking over a Zombie in the process. The undead have finally breached the front gate perimeter and are advancing to the station. The civilians climb into the Van as a Zombie follows them. An injured Marvin kills it with a shot to the head and orders Harry away.

This part only exists if the player uses Kevin Ryman:

Kevin comforts a crying Rita, telling her that Marvin has not died yet, and is yet to train the new police recruits.

Back at the station, an injured Marvin, having killed the attacking zombies, walks into the west office. He states that he is "not dead yet."


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If the player chooses Kevin for this scenario they are given the ability to:

  1. Open Kevin's locker in the Night duty room.
  2. See a police car driving past in the ending scene.
  3. Obtain a hidden file that can only be taken by Kevin with a report about Leon.
  4. Open Jean's desk with a combination from Underbelly.
  5. Open a desk in the office.
  6. Talk to Rita while she is crying in Bittersweet Escape.
  7. Illicit different responses from the remaining police officers.



Further notes

  • The starting location changes depending on the difficulty level:
    • On easy mode, the player starts off in the Main Hall.
    • On normal mode, the player starts off in the East office.
    • On hard mode, the player starts off in the parking garage.
    • On very hard mode, the player starts in the other side of the waiting room.
  • David King has different camera angles in his ending.
  • In the waiting room where you find one of the plates (And where the player starts on very hard mode) there is a item box from previous Resident Evil series. There is actually an item box in that room in Resident Evil 2. It is, however, unused in this scenario, but only usable to push and climb up.
  • When the scenario is completed by Kevin you can see a speeding police car heading towards the station pass the SWAT van.
  • Ben Bertolucci makes a cameo in this scenario, and is also an unlockable character within the game (If given a roll of film, and then purchased for 3000 points).
  • If an AI character dies in a room by the nerv gas and the player is in a room next to their "dead mark", they will still answer the player if they´re called or talked via ab-lib. Once the player goes to the room, the AI will drop dead as soon the player enters the area.


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