Detention center - experiment zone (収容施設 実験区域 Shūyō shisetsu jikken kuiki?)[1] is an area of the detention center on Sejm Island. It is the first area explored in Episode 1: Penal Colony.


The Experiment zone is only visited by Claire and Moira in Episode 1: Penal Colony. This place features many prison cells throughout the area, as well as a lot of blood splattered around. The Afflicted is first encountered here.


Claire starts at the furthest prison cell alone with no items or weapon in the inventory, shortly after walking through the prison cell corridors you can find Moira inside a prison cell of her own, once she is interacted with, she will be freed. At this point the character switch is not available.

Go through the next door with Moira and climb the ladder, upon reaching the other side, take a right insde of going through the blue door, the Knife and Flashlight are on a table. Now go back through the blue door and use the knife to destroy the glass on the wall to be able to go to the other side of the room. The Rules for Monitoring Test Subjects file is on the left side after crossing the broken glass, there is also Handgun Ammo on the right drawer to the right side of the same room.

Next up is an area where Claire pushes and holds some debris out of the way for Moira to cross, which then she holds it for the player to get to the other side. Push the shelf that's on the way and an Afflicted will eventually show up, use the knife to kill him. This enemy will also always inflict damage to the player no matter what. After this, Claire's bracelet goes from green to orange, and yells from a woman can be heard non-stop.

In the next room an Afflicted can be seen chasing a bloodied figure, though it's not possible to kill him. Immediately after there will be two lockers in front of the player, the locker on the right has a Green Herb on it, there is another Green Herb on the floor on the way to the objective.

After going through the next room by crouching under some debris, Claire and Moira will open a roller door together. Gina Foley will appear covered in blood shortly after. Even if the player goes all the way back to the corner, Gina always catches up to Claire and will eventually grab her before dying.

RE Rev2 trying to pick up Experiment Block Key

Claire and Moira try to get the Experiment Block Key from the dead guard.

Next up is a blue door that requires the Experiment Block Key, go left and down the steps, then interact with a guard hanging, he has the key on his body. His body falls alongside the key, but thankfully the next door unlocks so you're able to get down there to retrieve it.

Next up is a series of corridors with lockers doors, there is one double door that can be opened though, next to the next blue door is a small desk which sometimes has a Saphire (500 BP) inside it.

Onto the next door (which requires both characters), there is a ladder that leads downstairs onto where the guard's body fell, inspect his body and Claire will gain the MPM Handgun and quote Steve Burnside's "It's more reliable than any person." line from Resident Evil CODE:Veronica.

After this, the character switch function will be available. Switch to Moira and light her flashlight on the key that's stuck on top of the guard's body, then shoot at it with Claire for it to fall and grab it. Now, two doors will unlock, and Afflicted can come out of them. Go towards the door next to the ladder so an Afflicted comes out of it, go inside the room he came from with Moira and shine her light onto the wall, to the right of the white box on the shelf, a Kafka Drawing will be collected. There is also Handgun Ammo in this small room.

Go up the ladder and back the way you came, Afflicted will now appear as you make your way towards the stairs where the guard was originally hanging. After passing through the double doors again, immediately on the right there is a large room which has a Green Herb and some Handgun Ammo on it. Inside the second last prison cell there is also a Green Herb on the floor.

RE Rev2 Crowbar location

Crowbar location.

When you reach stairs again, use your newly acquired Handgun to shoot a Tower Emblem that's behind the ladder used to get the Experiment Block Key. Then make your way onto the locked door and use the key on it, the M147S Shotgun will be on the floor next to a dead body. Continue and break the wooden box with your knife to progress. The game will eventually automatically switch to Moira to give you a small tutorial, shine the light onto the blinking sparks in the area to find items, the Crowbar is one of the items that can be found. Before using it to unlock the next door though, shine the light on the wall to the right of the blue door, in-between a shelf and giant red boxes, there is another Kafka Drawing there.

Now interact with the door with Moira and she will unlock it with the Crowbar, after going through the door, the duo will come across a little girl in white. Next up there is one wooden box but also a few hidden objects that need the Flashlight to be uncovered.

The next shutter leads to the Imprisonment zone.


RE Rev2 Detention center - experiment zone clean map1 RE Rev2 Detention center - experiment zone clean map2




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