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For the file found at the Winters house, see Ethan's Diary.

Diary is a special file in Resident Evil Village, which is updated as the game progresses.


Feb. 9th / Dawn / Some Forest

It should have been a night like any other. But then... Chris Redfield came in and destroyed our family.

He took Rose away. Shot Mia... right in front of me.

I was knocked out and now I'm in some forest in the middle of nowhere. What the hell is going on?

Feb. 9th / Early Morning / Village Square

I found a village just outside the forest but... One of the villagers was attacked and dragged off by osme kind of beast.

I managed to survive these creatures and an old woman told me Rose is here... somewhere.

I need to find her... before those monsters get to her too.

Feb. 9th / Morning / Luiza's House

I found survivors huddled together at Luiza's house. I think she's the bigwig here.

But then one of them turned into one of those creatures. He slaughtered everyone there. I get it, these monster [sic] are the villagers and this village is their den.

I now know two things: That I'm the only one left, and that Rose might be in that castle, so that's where I'm going next.

Feb. 9th / Morning / A Mine

I was on my way to the castle when I was captured by a group of five twisted freaks.

Heisenberg, a hammer wielding asshole. Dimitrescu is the tallest woman I've ever seen. Donna, has some kind of creepy doll. Moreau is some nasty, pus-spewing thing. And last of all, their "mother," Miranda...

They can control those creatures, too. Who- What are these people?

Feb. 9th / Morning / In front of the Castle

Some merchant, calls himself the Duke, appeared out of a horse drawn caravan. He seems to know what‘s happening here.

I don't trust him...

But I don't have time for that. I need to search this castle for Rose. Or at least some clues.

Feb. 9th / Morning / Castle Chambers

This castle looks like something straight out of a gothic horror movie, complete with giant noblewoman and her three witch daughters.

But they caught me while I was looking for Rose and strung me up. I had to bite the bullet in order to get loose. Hurt like hell too!

Feb. 9th / Morning / CaStIe Courtyard

I can't find Rose anywhere in this damned castle.

Perhaps she was never here to begin with, or maybe she's being kept somewhere else?

Either way, there's no reason for me to stick around. Now I just have to escape.

Feb. 9th / Noon / Tower of Worship

That woman Dimitrescu turned into a monster. But I was able to kill her and escape. I found this strange flask?

She said, "You‘ll never see your Rose again.” Why can't I get that out of my head?

Feb. 9th / Noon / Altar

Rose‘s body is... in these flasks? Who the fuck would do such a thing? My brain can't keep up with everything that's happening right now.

The Duke did say there was a way to save her...

It's hard to believe him but, the only thing I can do is ask the man that lives in the house with the red chimney.

Feb. 9th / Afternoon / Altar

So Rose was divided into four flasks and given to the ‘Four Lords." Dimitrescu. Donna, Moreau, and Heisenberg. I can save Rose if I can get all four of those.

I still don't trust this Duke but he was right about this one thing.

Time to get my daughter back.

Feb. 9th / Afternoon / Mountain Garden

I saw Mia in the fog... What is she doing here?

No... She's gone. I have to accept that. But I guess a part of me still can't...

Feb. 9th / Afternoon / House Beneviento

Those waking nightmares I was having in that house was all the work of Donna.

But...I admit I am still worried about the thing that Mia wouldn‘t tell me before. And now I'll never know what it was...

Only two flasks left. I swear I’ll at least save Rose.

Feb. 9th / Afternoon / Caves

I finally got hold of the third flask, but the exit was blocked by that asshole Moreau. I need to find another way out.

There's something else nagging me though.

He said something about Miranda wanting her baby back. I have a feeling he wasn't talking about Rose...

Feb. 9th / Afternoon / Lake

I ran into Chris and his goons in a shack by the lake. They seemed to be researching
something? What are they up to?

I had so many questions but then that giant fish, turns out was Moreau, attacked.

I need to get out of here... But he said the exit was underwater.

Feb. 9th / Afternoon / Moreau's Hut

Moreau's belly up and I'm almost out of the lake. Then who shows up but the last child, Heisenberg. Not in person. of course, through a dusty old TV.

He told me the last flask is in some Stronghold.

I'm n0t going to let him have his way. but I don't have many other options right now. This better not be a trick.

Feb. 9th / Evening / Stronghold

I finally have all four flasks!

But Heisenberg said I needed to do one more thing to heal her.

Take all the flasks to the Altar. Will this really heal her? (an I trust Heisenberg?

Feb. 9th / Evening / Edge of Bridge

I put the four flasks in the Giant’s Chalice then moved it to the Ceremony Site where the ground gave way and a stone bridge appeared.

There's some kind of garage or warehouse on the other side... Heisenberg's place, I presume?

I don't want to be apart from Rose but there's only a little left to do. Wait for me my dear.

Feb. 9th / Evening / Factory Underground

Heisenberg asked me to help him but he just wants to use Rose against Miranda.

Miranda, Heisenberg—they're all the same... Fighting over Rose's ”power." Something that's no match for any of them?

Crazy... I mean Rose is... She‘s just a baby.

I need to get to the surface so I can save her.

Feb. 9th / Evening / Scrapheap

It's hard to believe what Chris just told me.

He didn't shoot Mia but Miranda. She can change her appearance and pretended to be Mia?

She wants Rose for some experiment with that fucking mold and Chris is trying to stop her.

Ifeel like I've been thrown into the nightmare from Louisiana all over again.

Feb. 10th / Dawn / Altar

I know two things...

The first is Miranda's real goal. She wants to bring her dead daughter, who's stored in the Megamycete, back to life using Rose as a vessel.

The second is the secret Mia was hiding from me. That I died in the Baker house three years ago. I'm just a walking corpse full of mold.

And this body's almost spent. Don't worry, Rose. I swear I'll save you.