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"Only fools accept the obvious and go no further; use your brain, Jilly."
— Dick training an adolescent Jill on how to expertly break into a house.

Dick Valentine is Jill Valentine's father.[1] He is an expert and widely known thief, throughout his only daughter's childhood he passed on everything he knew, hoping to have her permanently join him as a partner in crime.

However, after being sentenced to a long prison term and not wanting the same fate for Jill, he encouraged her to change course in life; something Jill initially resisted, relenting only when he had confessed he was wrong for raising her the way he did. To make the transition easier the elder Valentine came up with the idea for Jill to join the S.T.A.R.S., an organisation in which her background would be an asset, not a liability, which led to her moving to Raccoon City and joining the Alpha team.

Further Notes

  • It is heavily implied that Jill's mother had been absent very early in her life, as Dick appears to be her sole parental figure throughout her youth.
  • His character was primarily developed for the novelization to explain Jill Valentine's ability to pick locks and decipher the more difficult puzzles throughout the Mansion.


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