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For the novel character, see Diego Gomez (Makoto).

Diego Gómez was a large genetically enhanced human who served as a bodyguard for Glenn Arias.[1] He was the father of María.[2]


Ally of Arias[]

Diego was a longtime friend of former CIA agent turned B.O.W arms dealer Glenn Arias and ended up getting invited along with his daughter to Glenn’s wedding to his partner Sarah. Unfortunately what was supposed to be a day of joy turned to one of mourning as during the ceremony the CIA in retaliation for Glenn’s arms dealing would order a drone strike on the proceedings; killing everyone except Diego, María and Glenn. Unlike the latter two who were mostly unscathed, barring Maria’s loss of one eye, Diego was horrifically disfigured by the explosion and later required A-Virus experimentation as well as other surgical enhancements to survive, actions which would leave him mute. In revenge for this Diego and his daughter would subsequently join Glenn in his plan to “reset” the world by secretly releasing the A-virus with Diego taking advantage of his virally augmented strength to serve as the groups enforcer and muscle.

During the course of carrying out this plan Diego and his daughter María would be sent on a side mission to not only kill a man named Patricio, who had ratted out Glenn’s plan to the B.S.A.A in an attempt to save his family, but also to retrieve researcher Rebecca Chambers. Taking advantage of Rebecca going to the bathroom María knocked the woman unconscious and took her captive. As this was happening Diego utilized an M134 Minigun alongside a troop of armed mercenaries to not only kill Patricio but also prevent Chris Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy from interfering. Having accomplished all their goals to two Gómezes then departed in a military cargo truck.

Later when Chris and Leon infiltrated Arias' headquarters in NY, Diego would attack Chris in the lab. During the fight Diego was burned by an incendiary grenade that reacted to the highly flammable A-Virus in his flesh. However despite suffering injuries from this Diego would survive this encounter, and later stumble upon a barely alive Glenn after he had fallen to the bottom of a skyscraper following a fight with Chris. A dying Arias then told Diego to break the safety mechanisms which prevented him from uncontrollably mutating and upon doing so several large tendrils burst from Diego's back before spewing webbing and forming a cocoon around the two of them. Diego and Arias then merged to form a large Tyrant-like creature and attacked Chris and Leon. After a long battle on the skyscraper, Chris' BSAA unit Silver Dagger came to assist him with Chris’ teammate Nadia killing Diego with a shot to his vestigial head from a railgun. Soon afterward a newly arrived Leon would ram Arias off the side of the building with his motorcycle leaving the arms dealer unable to protect himself from Chris who finally finished the mutant off by firing a 40mm grenade into his heart blasting him to bits.


"And since you murdered poor María's father, I thought this was a good opportunity to settle the score. For both of us. Right now, they're probably cheering us on from the afterlife."
— Blake, to Redfields, Kennedy, and Valentine.

Unbeknownst to Chris, Leon, Rebecca and the Silver Dagger unit, Diego's daughter María had survived the B.S.A.A’s earlier bombing of the tanker carrying the A-Virus she had been guarding. Some time later she returned to Arias' headquarters and after finding only her father's metal mask, mourned his death before silently vowing revenge. His death would become the catalyst for Maria to be recruited by Dylan Blake, a long time associate of Arias and lead to her getting entangled in the events involving Alcatraz Island in San Francisco, California.

Personality and Relationships[]

Not much is known about Diego's personality prior to his mutation. However Diego appeared to be very close to his daughter María, maintaining a paternal bond with her even after his mutation and seeming to silently show concern for María prior to her setting out to deploy the gas into the city. He also appeared to be quite close to Arias who referred to him as one of his 'dearest' friends. In fact so close was the two men’s bond that Diego was willing to keep Arias alive by initiating the 'final stage' and physically merge his body with Arias'.

Skills and Abilities[]

Genetically Enhanced with the A-Virus, Diego's physical mass seemed to have been greatly enhanced by the virus making him incredibly strong. He was able to wield a large minigun with ease as well as inflict major damage with his fists, easily smashing through concrete. Diego's immense strength allowed him to swat Chris away with ease and wind him greatly. He also possessed the ability to mutate further, physically merging with Arias to form a new being. However, he seemed to require the aid of medical equipment when not active, hooked up to some sort of apparatus when resting. He was also highly susceptible to fire and was easily taken down by an incendiary grenade. Furthermore, he was completely mute after the accident, his metal mask preventing him from communicating.



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