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Diego Salazar, 7th Count of Valdelobos was a Spanish nobleman and Count of Valdelobos. He inherited his titles from his parents, Alejandro Salazar, 5th Count of Valdelobos and María Isabel Salazar, 6th Countess of Valdelobos and oversaw their generations long duty in protecting Valdelobos from demons. He was eventually killed in unnatural circumstances, said by his staff to be murder at the hands of the Devil. His wife, Catalina was left to raise their son, the young Ramón Salazar, 8th Count of Valdelobos.[1]

Family tree[]

Gregorio, The Conquerer
Hipólito, The Demon Sealer
Gregorio, The Architect
José Alonso, The Tranquil
Alejandro, The Lavish
María Isabel, The Lady
Diego, The Severe