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Dion Wilson is a BSAA operator who took part in a special operation in a mountain village in Eastern Europe. He went by the codename "Night Howl" in Chris Redfield's elite unit Hound Wolf Squad.[1]


Wilson is an expert in communications.

In Eastern Europe, he helped his captain Chris Redfield to infiltrate the Winters' home with the goal of eliminating Miranda, a shapeshifter who had taken the guise of Mia Winters in an effort to steal the couple's daughter Rosemary Winters. Wilson and his unit arrived just outside the Village at 11:35 AM, coming across the crash site of the overturned convoy carrying Miranda, only to find the escorts killed and Ethan Winters and Rose missing.

By 12:10 PM, Wilson and the rest of the Hound Wolf Squad had begun to infiltrate the village, engaging a number of different bioweapons. They later found evidence of Ethan's presence in the Village, though the location of Rose remained unknown. At 1:10 PM, they established an outpost in the church, with Wilson and Rolando Elba remaining behind to analyze samples of the Mold taken from the village, whilst the others moved towards a nearby laboratory.

Wilson and the others then set up a research outpost at the Moreau's secret laboratory in the Reservoir, to monitor the situation and further examine the Mold around the Village. Wilson, Charlie Graham, and Redfield remained behind at the research outpost, which was soon discovered by Ethan. Ethan was incapacitated by Wilson, who interrupted a conversation between Redfield and Ethan to report that he has received some serious motion readings, which he attributed to Miranda. He suggested that they had spent too long on in the area and should move on.

Sometime later, Wilson and the others observed Miranda at the village's ceremony site, whilst keeping in regular contact with Redfield, whom they sent reports and images of Miranda's actions.

After Ethan Winters' supposed death, Wilson, along with the rest of Hound Wolf Squad regrouped with Redfield to discuss their mission objective to terminate Miranda and rescue Rose. They were then ordered to move out and terminate any hostile B.O.W. they came across.

After the destruction of the village caused by Ethan, Redfield and Wilson picked up the rest of the squad, including Wilson, before plotting a course to the BSAA's Europe HQ.



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