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Dr. Dirk Miller was a viral and B.O.W. researcher as well as former subordinate to Alex Wesker. In 2014, his actions led to the Sonido de Tortuga Island Incident which prompted an investigation by the NGO TerraSave.[1]


Miller first established himself as a viral researcher for Umbrella, but following their collapse in 2003 he was recruited by Alex Wesker to assist with her private research projects on Sonido de Tortuga island.

Entrusted with a large amount of power as well as the privilege of using the facility that Alex used, Miller was assigned as the head researcher on the Kodoku Project. Miller's goal was to create a superior B.O.W. developed from samples of other B.O.W.s.

Although the project's procedure was similar in design to the experiments conducted on Sheena Island used to develop the Hypnos-T Type, it differed in many ways.

Years later, in 2006, Miller was forced to continue the Kodoku Project without Alex's assistance after she fled and relocated to her stronghold in Sein Island after betraying Oswell E. Spencer.

Unfortunately, Miller was now lacking in test subjects on the island and was forced to resort to extreme measures. He decided to play upon the inhabitants' superstitious beliefs and posed as a Shaman where he could take people and use them in the Kodoku Project, including himself.

After TerraSave decided to launch an investigation into strange events occurring on Sonido de Tortuga Island in 2014, Miller encountered Claire Redfield among other Gravure idols who had survived an onslaught of attacks from B.O.Ws on the island.

Miller soon explained his goal to Claire and the others but was captured by Zǐlì, an undercover Shén Yà Pharmaceutical agent, who expressed her intent to acquire a sample of a highly experimental virus named after Miller himself. Zǐlì then killed him after she gained access to his files.

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