"A very dirty timepiece. It doesn't seem to have much value."
— Item Examination

The Dirty Brass Pocket Watch is a treasure item in Resident Evil 4 worth 1,000. It is also known as Pocket Watch (Dirty) in Resident Evil 4: Mobile Edition. Lack of care in handling the Brass Pocket Watch in the console game will result in a severe reduction in value.


It is found right before Bitores Mendez's house in Chapter 1-2 hung on a piece of wood, dangling over a dirty well. If you don't shoot the wood holding up the well cover first, the Brass Pocket Watch will fall into the water and become dirty. If you shoot the piece of wood holding up the well cover first, then shoot the piece of wood holding the Brass Pocket Watch, the watch will fall onto the well cover, and not become dirty, giving you the Brass Pocket Watch. It is found in the same spot in Separate Ways Chapter 2.



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