Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Disposed bodies are enemies in Resident Evil 5.


As test subjects, numerous humans were abducted by Tricell and experimented on for the purpose of the Uroboros Project. With their sole purpose being to improve Uroboros' success rate, they were soon disposed of via incineration once the documentation was completed. Tricell was contempt with this disposal method as a form of euthanasia, and BSAA agents Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar witnessed a number of test subjects writhing in agony as the conveyors pulled them into large incinerator units.


They are failed human test subjects who were washed out of the project due to health issues or defects. These emaciated creatures had difficulty standing up due to their frail, malnourished bodies. They were extremely weak, conserving whatever energy that they could to lunge at those who wandered near. Due to their physical state, however, they were easily overpowered and felled with minimal effort needed.


They only attack the player when they get close. These enemies are only seen in Chapter 5-2, with similar creatures appearing in Lost in Nightmares. In Chapter 5–2, it is recommended to kill the Reapers before going to the area with disposed bodies. There are Dead Bride's Necklaces on some of them. In the Lost in Nightmares DLC story, it is normally possible to avoid the bodies, but they might be difficult to spot in the labyrinth.


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