Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Disposed bodies are enemies in Resident Evil 5.

History Edit

As test subjects, numerous humans were abducted by Tricell and experimented on with a strain of the Progenitor Virus and the data was to be collected for improving the virus' enhanced strain, Uroboros.

As the Progenitor Virus displayed high toxicity, only a small percentage of subjects responded positively to infection. Most others saw a loss in higher brain functions as the virus withered their form away. This loss of brain function began affecting the host in what appeared to be brain damage as it was seen in Jessica Trevor after she was infected with the Progenitor strain Type-A. This left them in a zombie-like state.

With their sole purpose being to improve Uroboros' success rate, they are soon disposed of via incineration once documentation was complete. Tricell was contempt with this disposal method before euthanasia as numerous subjects are witnessed by Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar writhing in agony as the conveyors pulled them into large incinerator units.

Biology Edit

They are failed human test subjects of the Progenitor Virus as the virus responded negatively in their system, poisoning them. This left the affected subjects in a dying state with their brains heavily damaged to the point of them displaying aggression not unlike the t-Virus Zombies.

These emaciated creatures had difficulty standing up due to their frail, malnourished bodies. They are extremely weak, conserving whatever energy that they could to lunge at those who wandered near. Due to their physical state, however, they are easily overpowered and felled with minimal effort needed.

Gameplay Edit

They only attack the player when he/she got close. These enemies are only seen in chapters 5-2 and Lost in Nightmares. In Chapter 5-2, it was recommended to kill the Reaper before going to the area with disposed bodies. There are Dead Bride's Necklaces on some of them. In Lost in Nightmares DLC, it was normally possible to avoid the bodies, but they might be difficult to spot in the labyrinth.


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