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The Entrance (入口 iriguchi?)[1] is the entrance of the Incineration Disposal Plant P-12A featured in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.



If the player pushed Nemesis off the Suspension bridge, Jill will begin her exploration of the facility here. The door to the treatment control room is initially closed in that way. The Facility Key is necessary to have in order to open it. If she starts from the Drainage canal, than the lock of the door can released just opening it from the other side. A cutscene will play in that way, where Nikolai shoots Jill and enters the shutter door. In order to open that door the player must first acquire the Red Card Key from the Treatment room by fighting Nemesis. Two Green Herbs can be found behind that shutter. Also, three zombies will be present there as well.

Regular foes for this room are Drain Deimos or Brain Suckers. If Jill pushed Nemesis off, than they will spawn here after she picked up the Facility Key. If she started from the sewer, than monsters will spawn after she saw Nikolai here and had re-entered this area. An explosive object on the wall can be ssen in that room.

After the announcement that missiles are approaching the Raccoon City, the shutter leading to the control room is closing and there is no way back.


Location Localization Original Script
Checking the close shutter It is electronically locked. 電子ロックされている
Card reader There is a Card Key reader. カードキーの読みとり装置がある
Shutter (after the missile has been detected) Emergency lock is activated. 非常ロックされている




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