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The resolution pool (分解プール Bunkai pūru?)[1] is an area of Incineration Disposal Plant P-12A that is featured in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.


This room contains a pool full of stagnant, filthy water.  After bulk waste in the Treatment room is sufficiently degraded, it is dumped by an automated system into this pool for settling and clarification.  The control panel in that room reads an "ERROR" message.  The room is filthy and seems to have been left unoccupied for a while.

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Disused Plant 1F


Random monsters can appear here:

It is noticeable that monsters can respawn here three additional times, after Jill has entered the Water quality examination room, Power room and after the battle with Nemesis in the Treatment room. The respawn will happen for every entering of those rooms for once. The type of monsters is constant for every respawn and they will be of the same species as the initials.

After the body of Nemesis has fallen into the pool, the bubbles are seen here as well.


Location Localization Original Script
The control device The water pollution control device has stopped functioning. It displays an error message. 水質制御装置がエラーを出したまま止まっている
Checking the treament pool (Near the control device) It is filled with a nasty smelling liquid. 異臭のする液体が満ちている
Checking the treament pool (Near the elevator) You cannot get any closer than this. これ以上近寄らない方が良さそうだ
Notice on the wall "When activating a polluted water disposal device, make sure that the area has been evacuated of all personnel." “処理ルームを駆動する際は退去確認を徹底すること”




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