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The Treatment room or processing room (処理ルーム Shori rūmu?)[1] is an area of Incineration Disposal Plant P-12A featured in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.


Bulk organic waste such as human and B.O.W. cadavers are brought to this room for decontamination and chemical dissolution.  Pipes containing caustic solvents run along the walls to break down these bodies into a non-infectious slurry.  The floor of the room is designed to open after the treatment program operates, allowing this slurry and any remaining solid components to slide into the resolution pool below.  A heavy door seals during the treatment protocol to prevent entry.


Timer start

Timer starts

Entering here, the timer starts and the door is electronically blocking. Jill has four minutes to exit the Treatment Room. She must obtain the Red Card Key to release the lock. The penultimate fight between Jill and Nemesis takes place here. The remains of mysterious unidentified creatures can be seen littering the room, along with the corpses of various Umbrella researchers and facility workers. There are five switches within the room, that open the acid pour upon being turned. Shooting them, like all other destroyable objects will activate them. Early cutscene before the battle shows that Nemesis was accidentally damaged by the acid and most of his tentacles were dismembered. After this, the Nemesis will become slow and limping. The monster has enhanced amount of HP in this battle, so the acid can help Jill in defeating it. Also, if the monster sees the upcoming acid pours and it can avoid them. If he was trapped for a certain times, he will became decapitated and will start to attacking the environment while being blind. Keeping distances is the key to the victory. In this fight, the monster can use his impaling tentacle attack. Defeating Nemesis will reveal the Red Card Key.

Nemesis appears

Nemesis appearance

Not defeating Nemesis and exiting the room in under 4 minutes will result in Jill being killed when the treatment process starts. If Jill is success in exiting the room, a FMV will start, tentatively named "Treated To Resurrect" after the music played during it.


Location Localization Original Script
Card reader There is a Card Key reader. カードキーの読みとり装置がある
Treatment room passage (While battling Nemesis) It is electronically locked. 電子ロックされている
Faucets The faucet is too tight to turn. コックは固くて手ではひねることができない






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