The treatment room passage (処理ルーム前通路 Shori rūmu zen tsūro?)[1] is a passageway that leads to the Treatment room.


The room is full of power cables and damaged equipment lying around everywhere. At the end of the passageway, a set of double doors leading to the Treatment Room is initially locked and requires a System Disk in order to enter. Once the System Disk is placed into the nearby panel, Jill Valentine will automatically enter the room.


Locked door aND PANEL

The door to the Treatment Room

If the player chose to push Nemesis-T Type off the Park bridge, a cutscene between Jill and Nikolai will play here. Nikolai will confront Jill about this true plans in Raccoon City, but will eventually be pulled through a hole in the roof by Nemesis and impaled by one his tentacles.


Location Localization Original Script
The wiring under maintenance The inside of the wall is exposed here. Someone seems to have been working on the wiring.
The refrigerator A large size refrigerator. There are claw marks that indicate the something tried to crack it open from inside.
Equipment It seems to be part of the electrical equipment. There's nothing suspicious about it.
The door to the treatment room (Locked) The door is solidly locked.
The security device (Before inserting the disk) "Please insert a System Disk to unlock."
The security device (After leaving the treatment room) "Treatment in progress."




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