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The Division of Security Operations (DSO) is an American anti-bioterrorism agency under the jurisdiction of the United States federal government, and the employer of Leon Scott Kennedy from 2011 onwards.


The Division of Security Operations was formed in 2011 by President Adam Benford after disbanding the original Anti-Umbrella Pursuit and Investigation Team and transferring many of its agents to the newly christened D.S.O. The idea of the DSO was to select the very best agents from other branches of the United States federal government and bring them under one elite group that would act as the "sword of the President," answering directly to the President's orders to take on any bioterrorist threat to the country.[1] It was essentially, therefore, the successor to the Federal Bioterrorism Commission; a US military organization that was disbanded in 2005 and merged into the United Nations' Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance, though it should be noted that the two organizations' natures were different, and similarities end in their overall goals.[2]

The DSO was given preferential treatment as an organization, as their ruling - being the ruling of the President - was considered absolute justice. The group was created for the purpose of efficiently and quickly eliminating any crisis that threatened the United States of America and its people.[1]

Agent Leon S. Kennedy was one of the founding members of the group when established by President Benford. In order to find and protect Jake Muller, agent Sherry Birkin was transferred another Federal agency to the DSO,[1] though she continued to take orders from her previous department head, Derek C. Simmons for the remainder of the mission.[3]

Following the assassination of President Benford and the discovery of Simmons and The Family's involvement in it and the 2012-2013 Global Bioterrorist Attacks to prevent him from revealing the United States Government's involvement in the Raccoon City Destruction Incident, Benford's successor ordered the DSO to hunt down any remaining members of The Family involved in Bioterrorism.[4]

At some point, agent Leon Kennedy was leading a Metro S.W.A.T team on a mission in Washington DC to arrest Maryland Senator Stephen Eyre due to his connection to The Family.[4] The whole unit (with the exception of Leon) was killed in a bombing that took place in there thanks to Patricio who sold out Leon and his unit. However, it is unclear if it was a bomb containing the A-Virus' trigger strain, considering that the fallen members turned into zombies soon after.

Known members and affiliates[]

  • Benford, Adam - Adam Benford is credited with creating the DSO and was directly responsible for giving their orders.
  • Birkin, Sherry - Sherry Birkin is a known operative of the DSO, taking her orders from Derek C. Simmons.
  • Hunnigan, Ingrid - Ingrid Hunnigan is a member of the FOS[5] and acts as an information operative for Leon S. Kennedy, while working with agents in other branches of the government, such as Helena Harper.
  • Kennedy, Leon S. - Leon S. Kennedy is a prime operative of the DSO and one of the founding members.
  • Simmons, Derek C. - Derek C. Simmons operated as the primary contact for Sherry Birkin.


Sentinel Nine - The official Handgun of the DSO. A custom SIG P226 created for the purpose of combating bioterrorism, as of 2013 only a few copies of the gun have been created to be tested by Agent Leon S. Kennedy for gathering combat data and feedback before beginning mass scale production and distribution to other agents.[6]


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