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"Don't leave...I can't let you..."
— Donna Beneviento

Donna Beneviento was a mutant human dollmaker that lived in an Eastern European mountain range. After the death of her parents, she became the last member of the noble house Beneviento, and the owner of House Beneviento. Constantly dressed in mourning garb, she is always seen with her doll, Angie, who she often communicates through.


From youth, Donna Beneviento was fearful of others due to a scar on her face. One of the only things keeping her company was her doll, Angie, built for her by her father.

After her parents' death, the young Donna locked herself away, only speaking to her doll Angie. She would eventually be 'adopted' by Mother Miranda, and subsequently infected with the Cadou parasite.

Like many others in the region, Beneviento was a follower of the local pagan cult. She is a well-known dollmaker, which is tradition of the Beneviento family. Said family was closely associated with the noble Moreau, Heisenberg, and Dimitrescu families, and maintained an alliance with them in controlling the region, with the Beneviento family controlling a fog filled valley near the outskirts of the village.

When Ethan Winters arrives at the village and is taken to the meeting of the four lords, she sits quietly during the whole meeting, interacting with the others through the use of Angie.

After Ethan's battle with Alcina Dimitrescu, he embarks on a mission to retrieve all of Rose Winters' body parts. The first area he visits is House Beneviento. Upon heading to her abode, Donna taunts Ethan with hallucinations of his dead wife, using pollen from her infected plants. Upon reaching the basement of the house, he comes across the seemingly unattended leg flask, but as he reaches to grab it, Donna cuts the power and the flask disappears. Finding himself without his weapons, Ethan searches for a way to escape. Along the way Donna taunts him with dolls resembling Mia, recordings of her private thoughts, and mementos of their time raising Rose. While in the basement of House Beneviento, he is pursued by a grotesque fetus-like monster that echoes a baby's wails throughout the halls. It's likely that this, as well as the loss of his weapons, is a hallucination created by Donna.

When Ethan manages to return to the ground level of the house, Donna appears with Angie, begging him not to leave. She sends her dolls to attack him, but he manages to fend them off. Angie hides throughout the house, telling Ethan to find her before her "friends" kill him. He manages to find Angie three times, stabbing her with the scissors each time. When he stabs Angie a final time, Donna's hallucinations break and Ethan realizes he had been stabbing Donna herself the entire time. Defeated, she starts to calcify and crumbles away.


Donna has the ability to control dolls and lives through the Cadou by dividing it among them. As a result of her mutation, she has suffered debilitating mental illness. In addition to controlling dolls, her mutation allows her to secrete a pheromone which controls plants infected by the mutamycete. She can induce hallucinations to whoever inhaled the pollen of the infected plants.

Despite this, her physique is seemingly no different from a normal human, apart from a mutated abscess growing over her right eye. Due to this, and the fact she was killed by Ethan with only a pair of scissors, it's likely that she is the weakest, at least physically, of all the 4 lords.

Further Notes

  • Her name is likely of Italian origin. "Donna" directly translates to "Lady", and "Beneviento" combines the Italian bene meaning "good" with the Spanish viento meaning "wind". Of note is the similarity to the Italian word benvenuto, meaning "welcome".



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