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RE2 Door Lock Service

The Door Lock Service is a computer program used in the Raccoon Police Station. The service maintains the electronic locks on doors in the precinct.

In Resident Evil 2, the service can be accessed from the computer in the main hall after obtaining the Blue Card Key. During the "A" scenario, the doors to the west wing's reception desk and east wing's lobby are unlocked with the service. The library is also unlocked with the service in the "B" scenario.


Location Localization Original script
Service DOOR LOCK SERVICE ”ドアロックサービス”
Hall side doors: LOCKED ”ホールのドア
The doors can be unlocked by a CARD KEY. ”カードキーでドアのロックを解除できます”
With Blue Card Key Will you use the Blue Card Key? Yes/No ブルーカードキーを使いますか? Yes/No
Yes Checking up ID CARD.... ”カードチェック中・・・”
Hall side doors lock released. ”ロックが解除されました”
After being unlocked DOOR LOCK SERVICE ”ドアロックサービス”
Hall side doors: RELEASED ”ホールのドア

Further notes[]

  • The computer has an image of a zombie under a folder named "TEST" as well as a surveillance image from the Arklay Laboratory's culture tank room open on the desktop, dated May 13, 199X. This suggests that an Umbrella employee may have accessed the computer sometime recently. The computer also shares similarities to the computer in NEST, creating a possible link between the two.
  • In Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, the same computer is used by Jill to access a recent bulletin after logging in with a S.T.A.R.S. Card.