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"Please try to stay calm. Vehicles are standing by to commence evacuation. We need everyone here as quickly as possible."
— Dorian attempts to keep people calm during the September 23 evacuations.

Dorian was a police officer for the Raccoon Police Department. He was in the city during the 1998 Raccoon City Destruction Incident and took part in the September 23 evacuations.[1]


When a modified Epsilon strain of t-Virus contaminated Raccoon City's drinking water, tens of thousands mutated into Zombies by the evening of 23 September. The Raccoon Police Department began a series of operations, with Dorian being instructed to transport refugees to the Raccoon Police Station, and focused on evacuating the general area around Jack's Bar and the Apple Inn with fellow officers Arthur and Deputy Chief Raymond Douglas.

The nature of the "rioting" led to problems in the operation, particularly such that the van was forced to use side-streets due to the dangers faced with hundreds of zombies congregating on larger roads. The van was stopped by a roadblock, forcing Dorian to order the passengers out and to take their chances on foot. Dorian is last seen driving the civilians to safety after they assisted the RPD with the detonation of explosives to destroy thousands of zombies on Main Street.



"Damn, another barricade! As you can see, there are too many roadblocks. I'm afraid you'll have to get out and continue on foot."
— Dorian to the survivors.
"I can't leave here. Sorry but please walk from here. Listen. Go and search for our fellow cops and rescue as many civilians as possible. And figure out what had happend to Raccoon city. Kevin... You must survive for that matter... Survive. No matter what...
俺はここから離れられんすまんが歩いて行ってくれ    いいか…何としても仲間と会って市民を一人でも多く助け出せ    …そして、 このラクーンに何が起こったのか突き止めろ    その為にも…生き延びろよ…ケビン    生き延びろう…絶対にな"
— Dorian to Kevin


Further notes[]

Each character has a reaction to being ordered out of the van. While Cindy's and Yoko's reactions are more polite, a few of the other characters become distrusting of Dorian.


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