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The dormitory, or boarding house, was a medium-scale building adjacent to the Spencer Mansion. It was used as a hall of dormitories for long-time workers such as research staff and guards. Beneath it laid a smaller laboratory based around the subterranean Aqua Ring, a large water tank, in which Neptune-series B.O.W.s were housed. The guards' weapons supply was also stored in the underground.


In the early hours of May 11, 1998, the experimental t-Virus was released in the underground laboratory.[1] Immediately after the leak, a researcher "went mad" and flooded the underground facility by destroying the aqua ring.[2]

The guards were unable to secure the facility due in part to high-power equipment such as explosives ordnance being rendered useless and unsalvageable due to the flooding.

The last two known surviving residents of the facility, Robert and an unnamed companion (author of the 'Suicide Note' file) met their ends here. Robert became infected, and his companion killed Robert and put his lifeless body in the bathroom. The companion then wrote a suicide note before hanging himself. Despite the man's efforts, both he and Robert transformed into zombies when the room was explored by the S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team.[3]

When the mansion was destroyed, the dormitory shared its fate.


Ground Floor[]

The ground floor of the dormitory contained the living quarters of the research staff. Deeper into this area, Plant 42 was located and ultimately destroyed. The dormitory also had a store room, that was stocked with many different chemicals. A certain combination of these allowed the synthesis of V-JOLT, a chemical that could do serious damage to the large plant when applied to its roots (located within the Aqua Ring area).

Aqua Ring[]

In the underground area of the dormitory lay the aqua ring - a giant pool of water built for the study of underwater species such as sharks. This underground zone was also the location of explosives and weapons storage.

During the early days of the outbreak, a scientist went on a rampage, which resulted in damage being sustained to the water tank, releasing the water and the infected sharks inside into the ring. This left the area a danger zone, and rendered the explosives ordnance completely useless.




  1. Translated from Kishukusha (寄宿舎?), which is also used to refer to boarding houses
  2. Name given in localizations of the original game.
  3. Name given in localizations of the 2002 remake and its remasters.
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