The Gallery (ギャラリー Gyararī?)[1] is a section of the Spencer Dormitory that appears in Resident Evil. Upon Jill and Chris arriving at the Dormitory, the Gallery is initially locked and requires the Gallery Key to be acquired from the Aqua Ring in order for the room to be entered.


The Gallery serves as a hub to a few key locations including Room 003, a set of double doors that lead to the room containing Plant 42, and a chemical storage room where V-JOLT can be created.


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Once the Gallery is entered the first time, the player will come across a swarm of wasps that made their hive in the corner of the room. The player can come across a researcher's dead body though and collective the insecticide spray, which can be used to eradicate the Wasps via the use of a hole in the other side of the wasps nest. Once the wasp are disposed of, the player can collect a key that leads to Room 003.


Resident Evil (2002)
The control panel for the Chemistry room There's a panel with number keys. Will you push the keys? Yes/No
The door to the point 42 room (before meet plant 42) It won't move at all. It seems to be obstructed from the opposite side.
The door to the Room 003 (Without the key) It's locked. The plate says 003.
The door to the Room 003 (With the key) You have used the 003 KEY.
Resident Evil (2002)
Location Localization Original script
Assortment An assortment of old test tubes and flask.
The door to the Chemistry room (Locked) The lock mechanism for the door. Use it? Yes/No
Lab equipments Lab equipments you've never seen before. Could these have been used for some kind of experiment?
Shelf on the right side Old award certificates line the shelf. Most of them are from the city or the army.
The door to the Room 003 (Without the Key) You used the Key for Room 003. There's no further use for this key. Discard? Yes/No
The corpse on the corner A corpse with a contorted expression of pain on his face. He's holding something.
The door to the point 42 room (before meet plant 42) The door is blocked from other side.
Approaching the Bee hive (After being attacked by the bees) It's too dangerous to go any further.








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