The Recreation room (娯楽室 Goraku-shitsu?)[1] is a room in the Dormitory, which was a building beside the Spencer Mansion.


Guardhouse bar (10)

Green oil lamp

Guardhouse bar (12)

Orange oil lamp

The bar is a combination of upper and below hallway in the remake, the bar is located below where as the pool table is located at the upper hallway. There's also a rack that contain bottles of wine. A leather jacket can be still currently hung up at the centre of the bar. The bar was scattered with wine bottles, though all of them are empty. Couple of guitar cases are placed near the pool table.


In the original Resident Evil, items that can be obtained from the bar are ink ribbon and handgun clip.

Here you can find the Red Book and the oil lamps (Green at the bar, Orange at the pool table) that you need for the Chemical Room for Remake. There will be two Web spinner inside the bar, one will stalk player from behind right after the entry of this room.


Resident Evil (2002)
Location Localization Original Script
Wine bottles rack A rack full of wine bottles. They've all cheap vintages.
Hung up jacket A leather jacket. Part of it has been burned by acid.
Partition The partition is decorated with dishes.
Advertisement on the wall

An advertisement for an arm wrestling contest.

"The winner will be named Chief for a Day of the Racoon Police Department!"

Tables at the bar Wine bottles lie scattered about. They've all empty.
Oil Lamp (Green)

A green oil lamp. It's not lit.

(Lit) A strange silhoutte hovers in the green light. Could it have some kind of meaning?

Oil Lamp (Orange)

A orange oil lamp. It's not lit.

(Lit) A strange silhoutte hovers in the orange light. Could it have some kind of meaning?

Checkin the pool table

Some billiard balls. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6...

There doesn't seem to be anything significant about the order, but...

Guitar case A guitar case. It's empty.
Middle of the bar. "It's a book with a red cover. Nothing is printed on any of the pages. Is there a special way to use it?"






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