Room 003 is an area of the Dormitory.


A picture and rolled wallpapers can be see stored in front of the room. This room also contain various furnitures such as chairs, small desk, shelf and plenty of road maps. However, the room wall above the bed have been crushed by a giant plants which now is swarming with moths.


After entry to this room, the player can enter the bathroom by accessing the door toward the left side.

In this room, player can find a locked desk located up ahead where it can be open by using the small key (Chris) / lockpick (Jill). Inside its drawer will contain different items, depending on the character scenario.

Further in, a bookshelf that is filled with red books can be investigated. Upon examining it, the player will obtain one white book which is the "V-JOLT" Report. The player must replaced the empty book slot with the Red Book on the book shelf to reveal a secret door to the Point 42.

Room 003000000

Complete rearrange

Room 003 (5)

The door to Point 42 is reveal.

In the 2002 Remake, the player must rearrange the books according to Alexandre Cabanel's The Birth of Venus picture. Once all is done, the door will be reveal.


Resident Evil
Location Localization Original script
The desk (Chris) The desk is locked.
The desk (Jill) The desk is locked. Will you use the LOCKPICK? Yes/No

(Yes) You have used the LOCKPICK.

The bookshelf A row of red books. There's one white book. Will you take it? Yes/No

(Yes) Now a book is missing.

The bookshelf (With the missing red book) I wonder where the missing book is...
The bookshelf (After putting the red book in placed) These books are well arranged.
Resident Evil (2002)
Wallpapers Some rolls of wallpaper.
Picture placed on the floor A picture of a mansion towering over a forest.
Checking the bed An old-fashioned but high-quality bed.
Giant plant A giant plant is crushing the wall. A swarm of angry moths surrounds it.
The window Your view is blocked by the dense thicket of trees.
Map stored inside a basket Old maps have been tossed into the wastebasket. They look like road maps but they're of no use right now.
The shelf with red books The shelf is lined with red books. There's one white book sandwiched in between them. Take it? Yes/No
The shelf with red books (Examine) The space in between the books catches your attention...
The shelf with red books (After putting the red book in placed) The bindings of the books seem to form some kind of pattern. Exchange the two books? Yes/No




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