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Doug was a pilot working for the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance. Doug was ordered by Delta Team Captain Josh Stone to pick him and Jill Valentine up.[1]


He finally arrived in time to save the two from a number of heavily armed Majini after being forced to take a detour to avoid the attacking Kipepeos. The Majini are being led by an Agitator Majini.

Setting down on the landing pad, Doug got out of the helicopter to buy Josh and Jill enough time to get inside while he used his SIG 556 to slow the advancing Majini down. They are too high in numbers however and one managed to slip by him - armed with a rocket launcher. Firing at him, Doug noticed it just in time to run to the helicopter, but was unfortunate enough that the missile was tracking him, inevitably killing him in an explosion.

Josh took command of the helicopter while Jill held a few Majini off with a SIG 556 and flew out to the Atlantic Ocean to rescue Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar, determined not to let Doug's sacrifice be in vain.


Doug is shown to have a laid back and sarcastic personality even during times of danger as well as a flirt. When he first contacted Josh he asked if he was having fun. Upon being told by Josh he was bringing a lady to their rendezvous, he immediately asked if she was cute, upon learning it was none other than Jill Valentine, Doug began flirting with her whenever he contacted them via radio. Jill eventually stated that Doug is "quite a character".

Further Notes

  • Doug is one of the few characters/enemies in Resident Evil 5 who does not have a figurine.



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