The following is a list of Downloadable content tied to Umbrella Corps.

Game add-ons

Image Name Date of release Content Price (PS4) Price (Steam)
UC Upgrade Pack PS icon Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps Upgrade Pack June 21, 2016 This pack allows owners of the standard edition of Umbrella Corps to access the additional Deluxe Edition content, including weapons, patches, cosmetic options, emotes, and skins to turn your avatar into classic Resident Evil characters Chris, Leon, Jake, Barry, HUNK and Wesker. $39.99 (Deluxe Edition) $14.99
UC Fashion Victim Pack PS icon Fashion Victim Pack June 21, 2016 Look awesome on the battlefield! Use these unique color variations to customize the look of your gear and weapons. Includes six colors: Plastic Orange, Plastic Blue, Plastic Yellow, Glossy Silver, Glossy Red and Glossy Blue. $39.99 (Deluxe Edition) $2.99
UC Spencer Mansion DLC Map Spencer Mansion DLC Map July 7, 2016 Umbrella Corps is set to receive a map based on the original Resident Evil's spooky mansion. Free N/A
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