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The following is a list of Downloadable content tied to Resident Evil 3.

Game add-ons


Preview Name Date of Release Content Price
Resident Evil 2 Classic Costume Pack (RE3 site PV).jpg Classic Costume Pack
  • April 03, 2020 (Pre-order)
  • May 7, 2020 (DLC)
Contains the classic Jill costume and classic Carlos hairstyle, based on the characters' appearances in the original Resident Evil 3. $2.99 or pre-order bonus


Preview Name Date of Release Content Price
RE3R All In-game Rewards Unlock PS Store image.jpg All In-game Rewards Unlock August 05, 2020 Instant unlock for the following rewards, which can also be unlocked through gameplay.
  • Difficulty modes: Nightmare and Inferno
  • All models
  • All concept art
  • The shop and all items obtainable within

Note: With the exception of the Hip Pouch, any shop items obtained before or after the purchase of this DLC will be duplicated in your inventory.


Title updates

See: Title Updates for Resident Evil 3

PlayStation Themes

Preview Name Platform Information
Resident_Evil_3_Remake_Special_Theme_PS4 Resident Evil 3 Special Theme PS4 Pre-order bonus

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