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The city hall (市役所?) is an area of Downtown Raccoon City featured in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.[1]


An Y-shaped alley connecting to Warren Street, STAGLA or an alley towards the back. There's a building with broken windows and barricaded door. In front of that building, there's the statue of Michael Warren.


When Jill enters here for the first time, there's no Zombies in this area. But when returning to this point after collecting the Wrench, a stucked door will open and five zombies will attack Jill. This door also leads to the Mayor's statue, which is holding the Bronze Book. After taking it, the Future Compass can be set to the statue's hand and after that the Battery can be obtained. Three Green Herbs can randomly appear near the statue, if they didn't at the Back alley.

After re-entering this place from the side of the Warren Street, two additional zombies will break out of the windows of Hall.

Nemesis enters the area

Nemesis enters

Once Jill have all the items for getting the cable car to work, Nemesis will find her here. The best price for beating him here is M37 Parts B.

In The Mercenaries - Operation: Mad Jackal, Zombies are present in this area as enemies.


Location Localization Original Script
The door toward Mayor's Statue The door is stuck from the other side and won't open. ドアの向こうで押えつけられていて開けることができない
Mayor's Statue A bronze statue of Raccoon City Mayor Micheal Warren. There's a switch. Will you push it? >Yes No
(After pushing the switch)
It's holding something in its hand.
ラクーンシティ市長 マイケル・ウォーレンのブロンズ像だ スイッチがある 押しますか? >Yes No


Mayor's Statue (After the Bronze Book is taken) A bronze statue of Raccoon City Mayor Micheal Warren. It can hold something in its hand. ラクーンシティ市長 マイケル・ウォーレンのブロンズ像だ 手に何か持つ事ができそうだ
Mayor's Statue (After taking the battery) There's nothing more. もう何もない
Display board "Pay your taxes because they provide for the safety and well-being of our special town." “税金は正しく支払いましょう