The Construction site is an area of Downtown Raccoon City.



First, Drain Deimos appears in the cutscene here. Also, Brain Suckers may appear here, when Jill returns to the Uptown. A wooden box hanging on the rope in that area is destroyable object and can be shot, so it'll take damage to the enemies if it falls to them. Checking the dead body of the mercenary, Jill can find Gun Powder A.

Elevator battery


Also, there's inactive elevator in that room. A Battery must be set to the slot to activate it.

In The Mercenaries - Operation: Mad Jackal, the Nemesis will appear here as enemies for the first time. If player can defeat it, instead of shouting "S.T.A.R.S!", a huge roar can be heard.


Location Localization Original Script
Schedule Schedules for future construction works here written here.
Checking the dead mercenary His expression shows insane agony and pain.
Battery slot (Without the battery) There is a slot into which a Battery can be set.
Checking inside the elevator (Without the battery) The elevator is not working. There is no power supply connected to it.




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