The gas station (ガソリンスタンド?)[1] is an area of Downtown of Raccoon City featured in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.


The office is in shambles, with an untidy counter at the back bearing a computer and cash register along with the storage unit containing the Machine Oil and a First Aid Spray. A shelf of on-sale car wash products lines one wall along with a magazine rack and potted plant, and against another wall lies a drink dispenser. In the middle is a table with half-eaten food on it and three knocked-over chairs around it. A door at the back leads into the maintenance garage, where a car can be seen currently under repair.


Main game

Two different scenes will occur at the gas station, depending on the decision of the player as they enter either the Raccoon Press or the restaurant (if they decide to escape from Nemesis, they'll will get Nikolai's, and if they defeated him, they'll get Carlos' scene);

  • Nikolai Zinoviev enters, and tells Jill that he'll do a little investigation, and proceeds to the workshop in the garage. After you get the machine oil and proceed to leave, a spark ignites the gasoline on the floor in the workshop and Nikolai is heard screaming as an explosion occurs. Jill flees the area as fast as she can as the whole station erupts into a massive explosion.
  • Carlos Oliveira enters the station. Moans can be heard in the distance and upon further inspection, a horde of zombies are approaching the station. Carlos runs out valiantly to play the hero and fend them off. After you get the machine oil and leave, Carlos will be slumped over with minor injuries, if a player head to the door and press the action button (X in the PS version), a special scene where Carlos fights the zombies will play. Suddenly, a spark in the workshop will ignite the gasoline on the floor, causing the gas station to be set on fire. Jill and Carlos run as fast as they can as the fire spreads to the pumps outside and the whole station erupts into a massive explosion.

Three jars of the Gun Powder A will randomly appear here, if not, they'll appear at the Chemicals Storage.

The Mercenaries - Operation: Mad Jackal

The office is one of the location where hostage, Dario Rosso can be rescued. Multiple zombies will also occupied the office.


Location Localization Original Script
Shelve Car wash equipment.
Counter An untidy counter.
Tools cart Nothing special.
Shelve (garage) Painting equipment is stored here.
Carlos Carlos is watching outside.
Oil under the car It is soaked with machine oil.
Oil storage cabinet It's a storage to maintain the temperature level of the oil.
Will you operate the electronic lock? >Yes No
A B C D Quit
Oil storage cabinet (after taking the Machine Oil) It's a storage to maintain the temperature level of the oil.
Nothing seems to be useful here.




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