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The monument road - underground (記念碑前道路・地下?) is an area of downtown Raccoon City featured in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.[1]



After falling to this sewer, the Grave Digger will appear quickly, breaking the wall. There are four holes in the sewer, which it can attack from. To escape this place, Jill must activate two power supply panels for the emergency ladder. The monster will came out from the holes, when Jill tries to activate panels of the ladder. This monster can be defeated after shooting him a difinite amount of ammo, but cannot be killed, and instead he will escape. This fight is not necessary, so player can just escape from the sewer.


Location Localization Original Script
The switch for the power supply (For Both) An emergency power supply. Will you turn it on? Yes/No 非常用の電力供給機だ スイッチを押しますか? Yes/No
The switch for the power supply (after use, for Both) Power is being supplied. 電力は供給されている
The switch for the ladder (Power supply had not been activated yet) It's a switch for the elevator of the ladder. It's seem that it's not functioning due to lack of power. ハシゴの昇降機のスイッチだ 電源不足で作動できないようだ
The switch for the ladder (powered) It's a switch for the elevator of the ladder. Will you lower the ladder? >Yes No ハシゴの昇降機のスイッチだ ハシゴを降ろしますか?
Ladder Will you go up the ladder? >Yes No ハシゴを上りますか? >Yes No