The Newspaper building (新聞社ビル?) is an area of Downtown Raccoon City.



The lobby area of the Raccoon Press

The Raccoon Press was a newspaper service on Warren Street in Raccoon City popular enough to carry an evening issue.[1] Its office building was heavily damaged in the infamous t-Virus outbreak, with the majority of it on fire on September 28. Its reporters were covering the outbreak and quarantine of the city.[2]

During the events of Resident Evil 3, Jill travels into the building while investigating the downtown area of Raccoon City. When she first enters the building, a fire shutter is blocking the stairs to the upper level of the complex. She is able to raise the fire shutters by pressing a button in a panel at the top of a vending machine. In the upper floor of the building, the fire has consumed the stairway and parts of the second floor.


Location Localization Original Script

The power switch (After it's switch on)

The power has been restored.




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