The newspaper building 3F (新聞社ビル3F?) is an area of Downtown Raccoon City.



Jill can meet Carlos for the first time here if she didn't at the restaurant. After their dialogue Nemesis-T Type will appear. The live selection allows the player to either jump from the window, or hide in the back of the office. In both cases, the door opposite of the office will blow due to the fire. In the first case, Carlos and Jill will jump out the window into the small alley, which is only accessible if this option is chosen, that leads to the part of the Warren Street - Road to the city hall. This is the only way to open that door and to collect two Red Herbs in the alley. If Jill and Carlos hide in the office, Nemesis will be immobilized by the blow for a while, but he will wake up and both characters can fight or flee.

If Jill has already met Carlos in the restaurant, this area will contain three Zombies as the enemies. Also, the Green Gem can be found here. It is possible to obtain two jars of Gun Powder A here, if they weren't present in the Grill 13 Restaurant.

During the Operation: Mad Jackal quest, the mercenaries can visit the Raccoon Press while trying to reach their destination. In the top floor office a young lady is being ambushed by a group of zombies; if the player chooses to save her they will be rewarded and gain more time on the clock.


Location Localization Original Script
Door on fire The fire is too intense for me to enter.
Checking the window A narrow path can be seen from the window.
Checking desk Files on bizarre incidents are scattered around.
Door after jumping out You've opened the lock.




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