The Parking Lot (駐車場 chūshajō?)[1] is an area of Raccoon City's Downtown district.


The Parking lot is full of cars. One particular car battery in front is being charged. The backdoor of the van next to the car appears to be open, containing a few boxes.


Charging cable

Charging cable

Two Zombie Dogs are the enemies in this parking lot. The Power Cable can be obtained at the charging car's accumulator and is the necessary item for reparing the cable car.

When returning to that place after collecting Oil Additive, a cutscene with live selection will happen here. Jill can climb up or jump down to the Car Park Sewer (it is the only way to get there) when the ground falls down under her and metallic boxes from the van slide to her.


Location Localization Original Script
The car with the electric spark It seems to be charging the battery.
The car with the electrc spark (After obtaining the Power Cable) Nothing useful.
Checking the blue car A parked car. Nothing suspicious.
Elevator It seems that there is no power for it.
Gate at the back The gate is closed.
Blue Herbs There are Blue Herbs growing here. Will you use them? Yes/No




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