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The Pumping station road (ポンプ施設前通り?) is a small passage in Downtown Raccoon City.[1]


A road near the City Hall where most of its roads are blocked with either barricades or cars, except for the road leading to Central Street. There's the "Kol - Japanese Food & Delivery" shop on this road with a bicycle parked near its window.


This is the small corridor, leading to the monument road. There are two possible positions of zombies here; if the player entered the City Hall area but only walked into it halfway until in front of the windows and then exited the area into Warren Street, there will be five zombies already active and some eating a civilian corpse, otherwise, if the player didn't go back in their steps and continued into this area, there'll be four zombies still dormant and will wake up once Jill reaches the middle of the road. After returning to this area from the Monument road, a zombie will break through a wrecked car and so a Gun Powder B can be collected from it.

In The Mercenaries - Operation: Mad Jackal, a huge number of crows will fly around if player either walk or run.


Location Localization Original Script
Trash bags There's nothing of interest here. 特に何もない