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The Restaurant (レストラン resutoran?) is an area of Downtown Raccoon City.[1]


The front entrance faces the reception and cashier desk. Tables for customers extent to the right and left side of the entrance. There's a telephone booth near the door, some brochures and decorations. Towards the back is where the kitchen is, a ladder for the basement, and a backdoor that leads to the Shopping Mall.



Grill 13 restaurant

In Resident Evil 3, Grill 13 is one of the locations Jill Valentine visits while exploring downtown Raccoon City. In the back of the kitchen, a small locker can be found with a fire hook hidden inside of it that requires a lockpick to open it. The fire hook can be on a panel to gain access to the basement of the diner. Two Gun Powders A may appear on the table randomly. If they aren't, their location will be the office of The Raccoon Press.

Jill meets Carlos here, if she doesn't met him at the The Raccoon Press office already. Then they will be ambushed by the Nemesis. The live selection will appear, where Jill either has the option of hiding in the kitchen, in which she will use a nearby lamp to knock Nemesis out, or hide in the basement of the kitchen, where flood will occur because of powerful blow of propane tanks in the kitchen. Carlos and Jill can escape through a ventilation shaft near the large freezer or they can return and fight Nemesis. Also, the cutscene will appear, where Carlos talks Jill, that they must return to the kitchen, because of high level of water. The water in basement may be drained using the switch near the basement entrance. If Jill does not meet Carlos at the diner, then she will be able to obtain the green gem from the basement of the kitchen. Also, five zombies will be lurking inside the restaurant in that way.

During the Operation: Mad Jackal quest, the mercenaries can enter Grill 13 in route to their destination point. Inside the kitchen and dining area of the restaurant, a pair of Hunters will attack the player. In the basement of the kitchen, the player will come across a few zombies stalking Brad Vickers. Rescuing Vickers will reward the player an additional item and more time on the clock.


Location Localization Original Script
The pay phone The phone line seems to be disconnected. 電話線が切れているようだ
Checking the eating tables Nothing suspicious. 特に何もない
Lamp The lamp is lit. ランプに火がともっている
The switch for the basement It seems to be the switch for the drain. 排水口のスイッチのようだ
The switch (basement submerged) It seems to be the switch for the drain. Will you push the switch? Yes/No 排水口のスイッチのようだ


Manhole (covered) Heavy-looking cover. There's a hole to hook something onto. 重そうなフタだ


Manhole (open and submerged) The water surface can be seen below. すぐ下に水面が見える
Ladder toward the Restaurant's basement (After the manhole is opened) Will you go down the ladder? Yes/No ハシゴを下りますか? Yes/No
The locker at the back (After the manhole opener taken) There's nothing more. もう何もない
Gas Flammable gas is leaking. 可燃性のガスがもれている
Display board Buy-in situations of various foodstuffs are written here. 食材の仕入れ状況が書かれている
Small locker in the back It's locked with a simple lock. Will you use the Lockpick? Yes/No

You've used the Lockpick.

簡単なカギがかかっている を使いますか?
Small locker (empty) There's nothing more. 特に何もない