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The restaurant front road (レストラン前道路?) is an area of Downtown Raccoon City. It is located near the Construction area that is featured in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.[1]


An L-shaped passage with barricades and objects blocking the one on the 3 corners of it. It connects between the construction site, the shopping district and the Grill 13 restaurant. There are reliefs, a statue acting as a fountain and a monument in front of it. There's also a closed theater.


Entering this area, Jill sees Carlos shooting a zombie and shouting "Scum" to it. After that, he'll run away to the restaurant. Two Green Herbs near the fountain can be obtained. The monument of the fountain reads "We must channel our knowledge to the future. For it shall always show us our greatest destiny. Raccoon CIty Mayor, Michael Warren." Also, there a Bronze Compass in the round hollow. The message "The Future is in our hands" will appear when Jill tries to take it from the hollow. After that she will be trapped by electrical discharged water of the fountain until she puts compass to the place. To obtain it, she must put the Bronze Book to the hollow next to that. After that, water won't pour until the book is taken.

In The Mercenaries - Operation: Mad Jackal, eight zombies are faced here.


Location Localization Original Script
Barricade The barricade is blocking the way. 道路がふさがれている
The gate to the theater The gate is closed tight and will not open. ゲートが固く閉じていて入れそうにない

"We must channel our knowledge to the future."

"For it shall always show us our greatest destiny."

"Raccoon City Mayor, Micheal Warren."



ラクーンシティ市長 マイケル・ウォーレン

Hollow space on the right

"Place your wisdow here."

There's a hollow space for something to be put in.



Compass (About to be obtained) "The future is in our hands." “未来を我が手に”
Compass (After being taken) There's a hollow space where a compass used to be. 羅針盤がはまっていたくぼみがある
Compass (when being chased) You're too busy for that! それどころではない!