Template:Room Infobox STAGLA was a gas station in Raccoon City located near City Hall. During the Raccoon City Destruction Incident it was closed and deserted, with a steel shutter protecting the entrance. It was briefly visited by Jill Valentine,Nikolai Zinoviev, and Carlos Oliveira in Resident Evil 3. The gas station is where you find the machine oil needed to repair the Trolley and get it running.  A STAGLA gas station made a comeback in Operation Raccoon City, although inspection of the surrounding environment reveals that it is not the same station featured in Resident Evil 3.

After escaping the fire from the office, a FMV will occur, which can be named after the OST it's uses "S.G.G.S. Explosion". If Carlos Oliveira was present in the office and Jill didn't visit him after his fight with zombies, they'll flee together after short dialogue, but he won't be in the FMV. 

A Stagla gas station makes a brief appearance in Tall Oaks where a group of survivors take shelter in the entrance area. 

Further Notes

  • There is a ruined DeLorean DMC with an American flag draped over it in front of the gas station's garage, a possible reference to the Back to the Future series of movies.
  • Two Red Herbs can be found near the entrance to the Office. If not - their location is the corridor within the Substation.
  • In Resident Evil 6, Piers Nivans' first two EX costumes in The Mercenaries are outfits similar to those worn by NASCAR drivers; covered in various patches advertising different compaines. One of these is STAGLA, located on his right arm and on his abdomen.


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