The Road in front of the substation (変電所前道路?)[1] is an area in Downtown Raccoon City.


This area is the part of the Flower Street under construction that leads to the Substation.


The foes for this area are seven zombies, which can be located in two different random positions. There is an exploding object on the wall of building, which can be used against zombies or the Nemesis, who can appear here if next circumstances are followed:

  • Jill get to the substation before she appeared to the Sales Office and collected Oil Additive there;
  • On the live selection within the Substation, player chooses "Head to the emergency exit" or waits until the time ends.

After those circumstances are followed, there will be a cutscene, where Jill will be surrounded by zombies near the exit and Nemesis will shoot them with his rocket launcher trying to kill her. This is the only place in the game, where Nemesis can shoot Jill safely and she must run away from this place for making him jump to the ground.

The maximum prize, that can be achieved here for defeating Nemesis on Hard Mode is the M37 Parts A.

Also, there's a dead body in this area, that contains H. Gun Bullets, that can be collected. The emergency exit is closed from the other side and can be opened only if the player chooses to use it during the live selection.


Location Localization Original Script
Door to the Substation It's locked from the other side.





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