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The shopping district alley (商店街路地?) is an area in Downtown Raccoon City.[1]


It's a shopping alley behind the Grill 13 restaurant, a barber shop and a café among other shops in the area. It connects to the backdoor of the restaurant, the passage in front of it and Warren Street.


This place is the crossing of two small corridors, one leads to the restaurant front road and the second - to the part of the Warren Street. There are six Zombies in that area, when Jill first time enters here alone or with Carlos through the ventilation hole. Entering here through the backdoor along with Carlos, there won't be any zombie here, but they'll appear after re-entering this room. Also, additional two zombies may appear here, when Jill and Carlos are escaping through the ventilation shaft of the restaurant's basement. This way is available only once.

When Jill has already met Carlos' team and crosses those corridors again, she'll see him running away from another group of zombies.

Nemesis can enter this place, when he is present in the game and this is very dangerous area to fight with him due to the borders of the corridors.

In The Mercenaries - Operation: Mad Jackal, three Zombie Dog are encounter here.


Location Localization Original Script
Hole near the intersection There is a big ventilation hole. 大きな通風口がある
Checking the boxes near the backdoor of the Restaurant Nothing special. 特に何もない