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The Substation (変電所 Hendenjo?)[1] is an area of Raccoon City's Downtown District.


A rather claustrophobic power station with a large control panel and several monitoring rooms. Several wires were jury-rigged to the station's central power transmitter/ control panel likely by the staffs to divert power and electrify the gate in an attempt to barricade themselves from the horrors that lurk around the streets just outside.


A large power transmitter/ control panel is the centerpiece of the room. Players must manually divert power to it before they can operate it in order to open the shutters leading to the monitoring rooms nearby (one requires high voltage, the other low). The low voltage room opens when the power is set to 15V-25V while the high voltage control room opens when the power is set to 115V-125V. A Fuse can be found on the shelf in the low voltage room, and a Magnum or a Grenade Launcher can be found in the locker of the high voltage room, depending on what weapon was found in the S.T.A.R.S. office.

After picking up the fuse or the Grenade Launcher/Magnum, Zombie moans can be heard and a live selection occurs when Jill goes back to the hall. Players can either:

  • Head to the emergency exit. Jill forces open the backdoor that's stuck and escapes to the Road in front of the substation point. Afterwards she will be cornered by zombies, and possibly Nemesis on the rooftops of East Flower Street after escaping (the latter depends on whether Jill visited the sales office or substation first: if Jill visited the sales office first, Nemesis won't appear at this point).
  • Increase electricity output. Jill overloads the power transmitter and electrocutes the zombies. Afterwards, the power transmitter shorts out and the transformer will glitch out with some random quantities added to the calculation towards the final amount of power.
  • Wait until the timer ends. The zombies will break through the fence, forcing players to expend ammo or and/or health.

Three cans of Gun Powder B can be found on the table. If they aren't there, they can be found in the Chemicals Storage instead.


Location Localization Original Script
High voltage control room "High voltage control room. The lock will be released at 115V - 125V." “高圧域コントロール室


Low voltage control room "Low voltage control room. The lock will be released at 15V - 25V." “低圧域コントロール室


The emergency exit An old emergency exit. The rusty knob won't turn. 非常口のようだ ノブがさびていて回せない
Transformer (Auto-mode) There is a transformer that supplies power to the facility. It seems to be set to auto mode. 施設を作動させる変圧器がある 自動モードで動いているようだ
Power transmitter (Auto-mode)

"When operating the transformer be sure to set this power transmitter to manual mode."

"The old system is prone to short circuiting. Be careful not to let it exceed maximum levels."
Will you set this device to manual mode? Yes/No


“老朽化につき漏電の危険があります 出力オーバーには注意してください”

手動モードにしますか? Yes/No

Power transmitter (Manual-mode) It is set to manual mode. 手動モードで動いている
Transformer (Manual-mode) There is a transformer that supplies power to the facility. Will you push the switch? Yes/No 施設を作動させる変圧器がある スイッチを押しますか? Yes/No
The locker inside the Low voltage control room (After taking the fuse) There's nothing more. もう何もない
Power transmitter (After chosing Increase electricity output) The meter seem to be out of order. 計器が壊れているようだ
Transformer (After chosing Increase electricity output) The voltage number has been changed. Possibly due to the short circuit. ショートの影響だろうか