Tram - front (路面電車・前?) is a part of the Downtown Raccoon City Tram that is featured in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.



Entering here first time, a cutscene will appear, where Jill, Carlos and Nikolai will discuss their further plan of escape from the city. After their talk, Carlos will give Side Packs to Jill. Also, there is a Wrench in that room, which is necessary item for further game completion. The door to the Central Street station can be opened from this side.

After activation of cable car and death of Mikhail a Live Selection will appear. Player can choose to jump from the window or the use emergency brakes. On this choose depends further circumstances in the game. After the choose, a FMV appears, which can be named after the OST it's uses "Cable Car Crash".


Location Localization Original Script
The control for the Tram A well maintained control room.
Pamphlet "Train Station Guide"
Unlocking the door You've opened the lock.
Checking the door (During the Tram moving) You can't get off the train right now.




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