Tram - rear (路面電車・後?) is the rear part of the trolleycar found parked in Downtown Raccoon City.



Wounded Mikhail

Entering here first time, Jill meets Nikolai and wounded Mikhail. Also, Jill can explore opened tool panel of the cable car here. There are some items necessary to activate the tram: Power Cable, Fuse and Mixed Oil. Mikhail is always present in that room, lying on the bench.

When everything is ready and if Carlos is the one, who appeared in the gas station, he will offer one pack of Flame Rounds for Jill.

After activating the Tram and escaping the Downtown area, Nemesis will appear in the rear carriage. It is not necessary to fight him here. Regardless of whether or not the player chooses to fight him, once Jill heads back into the front carriage a cutscene will play. The cutscene can be named after FMV's soundtrack it's uses "Pride And Valor".

An optional cutscene takes place before fully fixing the engine of the tram when Jill returns without either one of the components. In that scene, Mikhail and Jill talk and it's revealed that Mikhail is suffering from survival's guilt in saying that he couldn't save his men.


Location Localization Original script
Examining the malfunction Some of the parts seem to be out of order. The Power Cable is disconnected. The Fuse is broken. The Mixed Oil has been used up.
Examining Mikhail Mikhail appears to be in pain and suffering.




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