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The Tram depot (路面電車発着所?) is an area of Downtown Raccoon City.[1]



When first time entering that area, Zombies or Zombie Dogs may randomly appear here. There is an oil drum near the entrance door, so the foes can be killed by a single shot. If zombies were present, three more of them are also alive near the cable car. They also can be killed by an oil drum, that lies on the ground. If Zombie Dogs were present here, then another one will jump out from the fire a little further.

After re-entering this area, a cutscene will appear, where Mikhail fights with zombies. He can use the oil drum or a hand grenade (if the oil drum was used by Jill) to blow up the monsters. After a short dialogue with Jill, she helps him to get back to cable car.


Location Localization Original Script
Checking the corpse His injuries are severe and beyond fatal. ひどい傷を負って死んでいる
Checking the barricade A strong barricade is blocking the way. 強固なバリケードで道は隔てられている
Door to the tram's front It's locked from the other side. 向こうからカギがかかっている
The small clock It is not working anymore. もう動いていない