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Dr. Blue was a researcher who worked in The Hive. He was killed during the viral outbreak in 2002.


In September 2002, rogue Umbrella security operative Spence stole samples of the T-virus to be sold on the black market. Tossing a sample aside, it broke and entered the ventilation system.

Dr. Blue and his colleagues, Drs. Green and Brown entered the lab soon after, unaware of the leak. When the Red Queen computer detected the leak, the three were sealed inside the room. In an effort to prevent infection, the lab was flooded with water with the fire sprinklers. Blue was revived as an Undead soon after drowning, and escaped when the Red Queen was deactivated by Sanitation. He later moved down into the utility tunnels, where he was killed by Kaplan.

Further notes

  • Dr. Blue is named "Mariano Rodriguez" in the novelization.[1]



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