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The SVD (Snaiperskaja Vintovka Dragunova, or Dragunov Sniper Rifle), Commonly referred to as Dragunov, is a Soviet made semi-automatic sniper rifle that appears in Resident Evil 5. It can be found in chapter 2-2 in a locker inside the building you're standing in right after the Irving cutscene. It has a starting firepower of 650, reload speed of 2.83, and a capacity of 7. Fully upgraded, it has a firepower of 1300, reload speed of 2.41, and a capacity of 18. It fits roughly in the middle of the RE5 Sniper Rifle range, having a semi-automatic firing mode making it faster than the Sako S75 but not as powerful, and with a lower magnification scope than the PSG-1. It is also quite unstable making it difficult to place shots at longer ranges.


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