Further notes

Drain Deimos

Drain Deimos are derived from haematophagous (blood-sucking) insects, though have evolved to be dependent on human cerebrospinal fluid, which they extract through a needle-like body part. In their enlarged state they may kill the victim by excessive force through consuming and extracting without restraint, the brain and nervous system suffering greatly as a result. Due to this minute difference, they are often confused with their Brain Sucker relatives.

The creature's appearance is particularly grotesque due to the exposure of muscles brought on by the rapid t-Virus induced growth, which forces the creature to undergo repeated molts.

Drain Deimos are an asexual, all-female species and thus reproduce through parthenogenesis, a form of reproduction seen in some insects where embryonic development is induced in unfertilised eggs. Drain Deimos start to lay eggs when they have consumed a certain amount of nutrients.[1][excerpt 1]

In the 2020 remake, the Drain Deimos' method of reproduction has been altered. The creatures now feature an ovipositor, which they force into their victim's mouth after locking their grip around the neck, after which they deposit a large amount of parasitic brood. The parasites can fester within the victim's stomach without killing them, until they mutate far enough to explosively burst out from within, killing the victim instantly. Parasitic infection can be countered however by ingesting a green herb, which agitates the parasites until they're forcefully but safely vomited out.



  1. Excerpt from OFFICIAL GUIDEBOOK, p.66: "通称"DD" と呼ばれるこの変異体は、 もとは動物の皮膚に寄生する小さな吸血昆虫である。 ゾンビ化した宿主から体液を摂取したことでT-ウィルスに二次感染し、 すさまじいまでに早いサイクルで脱皮と変態をくり返した結果、 人間大のサイズと異形のフォルムを獲得するに至った。 成体のおもな栄養源は人間の髄液であり、 鋭く硬い針状の口吻を獲物の頚椎に突き立ててこれを吸い上げるため、 エジキとなった者はほぼまちがいなくその瞬間に絶命することになる。 通常は無性別として活動しているが、 十分な養分を得るとメス化する特性を持っており、 単体でも産卵による繁殖を行なうことが可能。 路地裏など、 多湿な場所を好む。"
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