The Drill is a recurring item seen in Resident Evil: Revelations 2. It resembles a moderate-duty rock drill with a yellow base and a swerved blade.

Appearances and Gameplay

Barry is shown using the drill to destroy weak walls.

The Drill appears in both Campaign mode and Raid Mode. In the Story Mode, the drill is primarily used by Pedro Fernandez to obliterate weak walls and assist Claire Redfield and Moira Burton in obtaining items to repair a helicopter. But just before the helicopter is repaired, the Overseer rang a siren located inside the large building the protagonists had taken refuge in. Quickly retreating to the construct to silence the alarm, the neighboring group of Afflicted attacked the bar. Soon after, Pedro grew more frightened and anxious, until he mutated into a unique Afflicted. It's now that Mutant Pedro attacks the two survivors with the Drill. The Player can either choose to attempt to kill Pedro, skipping a section in Barry's Episode 2, or run away.

The Drill also appears in Raid Mode as a unique skill for Pedro, the ability to violently charge forward and damage/kill several enemies in a row. If not inherited, this skill is unique to Pedro and takes 10 Skill Points to upgrade. The damage the Drill Charge does differs depending on level, but regardless, the Drill does similar damage to a rifle shot.



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