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Driving is a gameplay mechanic that appears in Resident Evil 4, Resident Evil 5, Resident Evil 6, and Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.


Resident Evil 4

In chapter 1-3, Leon gets control over a boat to fight Del Lago or cross the lake to access the Merchant.

When fighting against Del Lago, the boat is stuck to him and will follow him around, Leon can only strafe left or right to avoid obstacles that are on the water, which can deal damage to the boat and make Leon fall into the water (which then triggers a quick time event for Leon to swim back to the boat).

Leon can use harpoons while on this boat, it has infinite ammo even when not fighting Del Lago, the player can use these harpoons to kill fish on the lake to sell for pesetas or use them to heal themselves.

Resident Evil 6

In Resident Evil 6, there are a few instances where the player is able to drive vehicles.

Chris Story

In Chapter 3 of Chris' campaign the player is given full control over a military vehicle, here the player is able to change the speed of the vehicle, or boost to gain more speed. If the player drives too slowly however, there will be a game over screen since the whole sequence is about a chase.

In this instance, the driver switches at one point from Piers to Chris, so the roles will be reversed in co-op play. At the start, the player controlling Piers will be the one driving and the Chris player will be the one using the Gun Turret on the back of the weapon to fend off against pursuers, after the duo gets out of a parking lot, they will switch places and now Piers will be the one on the turret while Chris is the one driving.

In Chapter 4, players will use a VTOL, and there are three different gameplay sequences to it, each being different depending on which character the player has picked.

In the first VTOL sequence, both players on the VTOL, the goal is to destroy all anti-aircraft guns on the deck of an aircraft carrier occupied by Neo-Umbrella, the player controlling Chris is the one piloting the vehicle, while Piers is the one targeting and shooting at the anti-aircraft defenses. Chris in this sequence has full control over the VTOL, and he is also equipped with a weapon of his own which only shoots from directly in front of the VTOL, which can be used to dispatch enemy helicopters and homing missiles targeting the VTOL. If a missile is coming from behind the vehicle, the player controller Chris will get a quick time event to dodge the missile, during the dodging animation the player is able to shoot at the same time, which could potentially destroy the missile instantly.

The second VTOL sequence has Chris piloting it while Piers is at the deck of the ship on his way to disable the missile which is pointed towards Tatchi, in this sequence, the player is only to shoot and strafe as a means to aim.

The third sequence has both players again on the VTOL, the control stays the same for Chris and Piers, whereas the former can only strafe and shoot and the latter can only target and shoot missiles towards the Ogroman on the way.

Jake Story

In Chapter 2, Jake and Sherry have access to Snow Mobiles in the Snowy mountain if they kill the J'avo driving them. The players can get in and out of the Snow Mobile at will, although only one can drive at a time. They can use it to drive to the locations of Jake's data chips faster, and also to run down enemies, which deals damage and could potentially kill them. These Snow Mobiles have friendly fire active even if the player turns it off before starting the chapter, therefore one player could run over their partner and it would deal damage to them as well. When playing solo, the AI partner can't be killed by the Snow Mobile.

The above is the only point in the game where the player has access to a vehicle and get out of it at will.

Later in the chapter, Jake and Sherry are forced into their own Snow Mobiles. Here, the objective is to drive away from the incoming avalanche, for this reason the player must aways be at full speed or else they get hit by the avalanche and die. In this sequence there are Skill Points the player can acquire by driving through them and pressing the "pick up" button at the right time, there is also a Serpent Emblem to be gotten here which must be driven through to be destroyed and acquired.

At the start of Chapter 4 in Jake's campaign the player has control over a motorcycle. Unlike the Chris sequence with the Military Vehicle or the earlier Snow Mobile sequence, the player is able to never speed up and he will not penalized, in fact, for newer players it's recommended to drive the motorcycle slowly to be able to avoid the obstacles easier.

In co-op play, the player controlling Sherry Birkin can only shoot down enemies chasing down the duo, there are a few instances where the game will slow down and Sherry must shoot down whatever is shown to her, such as a red barrel or the oil coming out of a truck. During the truck slow down, there is even a Serpent Emblem that can be shot at. Additionally, there is a point where Sherry will need to complete a quick time event to hold onto an enemy helicopter, while Jake is supposed to speed up to catch her before she falls.

Ada Story

In Chapter 5 of Ada's campaign, Ada has control over a helicopter. She is able to strafe it around to avoid damage and aim the helicopter's weapons to hit her targets. In co-op play, Agent has no control over the camera nor the helicopter's movements, and is only able to shoot where Ada is aiming.

Ada uses this helicopter to kill zombies that are trying to kill Leon and Helena, to fight an enemy helicopter (which, at both of these points there is a hidden Serpent Emblem that can be shot at), Simmons and later a few zombies at the top of the Quad Tower which are trying to kill civilians. She eventually leaves her helicopter at the top of the tower, which Leon and Helena later use to escape to safety.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

The only opportunity the player has to drive is during the main game by using the Car Key on Ethan's car when they reach the fight with Jack Baker in Main House 1F/Garage. The player can only steer, accelerate and reverse as how a car is expected to function.

Upon hitting Jack three times with the car, scripted events will continue the fight where Jack will disappear, take control of the car and crash it, and then Ethan will exit by himself. Otherwise, while the player is still driving, Jack can rip the player out of the window and toss them out. While not in the car, Jack can drive the car himself preventing the player from accessing it. Once Jack is damaged enough he will crash the car.

In either scenario, once Jack crashes the car it can not be driven again.