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Dulvey is an American town and parish (county) in Louisiana.


The earliest known sign of European settlement in the area is the Old House at the Baker ranch, which dates back to 1802 or earlier. This was an ever-changing time for Europeans in the region. The area was part of France's Basse-Louisiane until 1769, whereupon it was transferred to Spain and administrated as part of Baja-Luisiana. In 1801 the area was given to the French Republic but continued to be run by Spanish officials on their behalf until 1803 when it was handed over to the United States and became part of the State of Louisiana. In 1802, the non-native population of the Louisiana Territory is estimated to have been 70,000, of which half are estimated to have been African slaves and freedmen with the bulk of the rest being French, Acadians and French creoles. Consequently, the earliest European inhabitants of the area are likely to have been of French ancestry.

Dulvey in the 19th-20th centuries[]

In the decades following the Louisiana Purchase, the State of Louisiana functioned as a Slave State - a US state which recognised the right to own enslaved Africans. Many wealthy and middle class Louisianans owned slaves, and it is likely though not confirmed the Old House, as a farmhouse, was connected to the state's Plantation economy. Slavery in the state was formally abolished on the conclusion of the American Civil War two years after the Emancipation Proclamation. In the decades following the Civil War, Dulvey's economy shifted towards mining following the discovery of rich salt deposits. The Abercrombie and Parnary salt mines in South Dulvey employed much of the parish's population, but became notorious following a series of collapses which killed workers owing to its proximity to the bayou.

By the 20th century, American exploitation of the bayou appears to have slowed down with Dulvey Parish remaining undeveloped wood and swampland. At some point a stilt village and church were abandoned to the elements, leaving the Old House and the surrounding Baker ranch isolated homesteads.

Baker House Incident[]

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During the 2014 Hurricane season, the oil tanker Annabelle washed up in the bayou close to the abandoned salt mine, bringing with it Eveline, a human bio-weapon which spread a mind-altering fungus called "Mold". The resulting contamination was left unchecked until July 2017 when the affected area was cordoned off by the Louisiana National Guard and the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance. A quarantine wall was constructed across the bayou immediately after to prevent the migration of mutants towards populated areas.[1]


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