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The Dulvey incident (tentative) was a fungal outbreak in Dulvey, Louisiana, caused by an unstable human bio-weapon with hypnotic powers, which also spawned a series of murders perpetrated by Jack, Marguerite, and Lucas Baker.


The bioweapon E-001, otherwise known as 'Eveline', was the cause of the incident. She was created in 2014 by The Connections crime syndicate and was artificially aged to appear as a ten-year-old child to suit her purpose for infiltration. Eveline also had human consciousness, and the ability to spread a mold-like infection to people which allowed her to telepathically-like communicate to, manipulate and control them. A specific serum can be used to suppress her influence. Mold infection also enable the victims to have superhuman strength and regeneration, but eventually cause passive worship of Eveline.[1]

The threat of Eveline and The Connections made them targets to be stopped by Blue Umbrella, a PMC with the goal to stop bioterrorists and Bio Organic Weapons.

In October 2014, her creators decided to bring her into hiding and transported her along with other D-Type subjects on the cargo ship Annabelle, to be brought to a second laboratory.[2] She was cared for by agents Alan Droney and Mia Winters, who acted as her parents in public and wore Genome Codexes that assisted them with their job. Eveline genuinely felt Mia as her mother, stemmed from her lack of familial love and her growing obsession to have a normal family after months of being treated as an experiment.

Days later on October 5, a hurricane hit the ship. Eveline became unstable, infecting Alan and vomiting excessive amounts of Mold. The sudden chaos and her obsession with family led her to start infecting the crew. She later killed Alan and infected Mia in order to control her. When the ship's tankers exploded, Mia and Eveline were thrown from the ship, which drifted into the Louisiana bayou near the Baker Family residence.[3]


Infection of the Bakers

On October 10, Jack Baker checked ship and brought Mia back to his house who took the D-Series Head along with her, and chose to stay in their trailer outside while she recovered. Jack checked the area again and brought Eveline into his house. Eveline, using her powers, immediately infected the family, and took control of Jack and his wife Marguerite to make them accept her as their daughter and to attack Zoe should she not cooperate. Mia planning to leave, began writing a letter explaining a serum can help if they feel should they encounter Eveline, but was knocked out by her before she finished.[4]

In an initial act of fear, Zoe ran out of the house to the trailer where she discovered Mia unconscious and the incomplete letter. Right afterwords Eveline knocked Zoe out. The only control she exerted on Zoe and Mia was to have the mold kill them should they leave the property, while allowing Jack and Marguerite to leave hypnotized to not let anyone know there was something wrong. Now stuck, Zoe kept Mia's D-Series Head and Genome Codex in her possession and endured many attacks from her family as she tried to locate the serum.[5]

Over time, the mold infection progressed inside the family and Mia until they would passively hallucinate and care for Eveline. On the 23rd, Eveline bestowed the D-Series Arm to Marguerite who later hid it on the second floor of the Old House and Zoe at one point located its hiding place.[6][7] The family disappeared from public life in 2014, with the local police force suspecting foul play after Marguerite failed to respond to her doctor.[8][citation needed]

By the beginning of January 2015, The Connections supplied Lucas with a serum and began having him report on Eveline back to them.[9] Eventually the group set up a lab in the Abercrombie Salt Mine near the property and worked with Lucas in experimenting with E-type mutamycete, and created the WM Molded series.

Baker Family murders

Over the next two and a half years Eveline made Jack and Marguerite carry out abductions in order to add them to her family or be used to create more Molded. Those who didn't cooperate, would be chased down and murdered, with some cooked into meals and eaten. Lucas who took the serum, carried out Eveline's instructions to maintain the guise of being under control. Zoe made repeated attempts to escape, but also began to remotely help victims escape in hopes of having them locate the serum for her via telephone calls from the trailer.

The Bakers partially catalogued the names of their victims and kept count of how many turned into molded which reached at least thirteen.[10] Due to attempted break-outs, the Bakers locked the entrance hall door to the yard by hiding the reliefs that opens it.[11]

One turned victim, Travis, was taken to the incinerator room to prevent him escaping while he slowly transformed. Courtney, Travis' partner, was given help in escaping confinement by being told about the reliefs.[12] However, she was soon targeted and killed.

The twelfth to turn was a man on a honeymoon with his wife, who herself died. Another three college girls were captured for experimentation in-between their 12th and 13th Molded; all three died. Their thirteenth was a homeless man. Another victim was referred to by Jack Baker as a "piece-of-shit hippy", who was caught in the hall and taken to the processing room.[13]

On 4 November 2015, Mia was locked up by Lucas in the Guest House and was kept there.

Eveline, due to not getting her medication, on 26 August 2016, began rapidly aging and becoming unstable.[14] On 1 September Lucas reports it to The Connections and by the 9th, Lucas' lab received a kit to make E-Necrotoxin from them, which can destroy Eveline. It was to be used if necessary but Eveline had already stabilized herself, albeit now an old woman. No longer mentally stable, Eveline passed on this instability to her caregivers.[citation needed]

Helen Midkiff is last seen by the public on 24 December 2016 while traveling before being abducted.[15] On 19 January 2017, police begin planning to step up investigation efforts by adding more personal, which included Deputy David Anderson.

On 1 June 2017 three Urbexers for the internet series, "Sewer Gators", investigated the Bakers' Guest House. Andre Stickland was immediately captured and killed by Jack[16] Peter Walken was killed by Mia and Clancy Jarvis was left injured and later killed along with a previous abductee Hoffman by Lucas.[17] The Sewer Gators were reported missing on the 9th.[18]

After Clancy's death, one person was abducted but escaped, meaning the very least number of murdered was 40 with Mia still captive.[19][note 1][note 2]

Dealing with the Eveline

On June 11, 2017, Lucas was made lead researcher and subsequently killed all the other researchers. He continued to work the organization covering up the intentional murders and began plotting to cut ties with them and keep Eveline for himself.[20][21]

At some point, Blue Umbrella became aware of Eveline's presence and began monitoring the Baker ranch while becoming suspicious Lucas was contacting The Connections.[22][23] In preparation for upcoming missions to apprehend him, they asked the BSAA to send Chris Redfield for assistance which he begrudgingly accepts as he doesn't fully trust them.

Arrival of Ethan Winters

On 18 July 2017, Eveline, seeking to expand her family, influenced Mia to email her husband, Ethan Winters, to "retrieve" her planning to make him her father.[24]

Ethan would receive the message and make his way to the Baker ranch the next day. Searching for Mia, he winds up in the Guest House and eventually reunites with her. While attempting to leave, Mia mentally fights for control against Eveline, and has no memory of how she ended up there. Eveline influences Mia, who begins attacking Ethan; he manages to incapacitate her and he loses his left hand in the process. After being contacted by Zoe on advice to escape, Ethan attempts to do so but Jack arrives, knocking Ethan out before bringing him and Mia to the Main House.

Mia escapes to the Old House and fends for herself there. Meanwhile, Zoe staples Ethan's hand back with the Genome Codex before he regains full consciousness.[25] Jack also realized Eveline's plan, and made it his mission to kill Ethan.

Ethan comes to but bound to a chair at the dinner table, where he meets and is harassed by Jack, Marguerite, Lucas, and an old woman who unbeknownst to him, is Eveline. Meanwhile, Deputy Anderson returns forcing the Bakers to deal with him enabling Ethan to free himself and try to escape.[26] At this point Ethan is suffering from initial stages of the mold infection and as he makes his escape, he continues to aided by Zoe via telephone calls, encounters Molded, and passes by the docile Eveline.

Ethan soon meets with Anderson in the garage, but the latter is immediately killed by Jack.[27] The two fight which concludes with Jack forcing Ethan to shoot him in his head.[28] Ethan manages to be the first captive to gather the reliefs needed to open the back door which involved what he thought was finally killing Jack with a chainsaw.[29] Now in the yard in the trailer, Zoe informs him of the pathogen infecting her family and Mia which prevents them from leaving the property, and to look for the serum which may be in the Old House.[30]

Zoe helps Ethan escape

While in the old house, Ethan briefly reunites with Mia before she is captured by Lucas.[31] Later Ethan's Genome Codex reacts to a box which contains instructions on how to synthesize the serum.[32] With this knowledge, Zoe instructs Ethan to look for the D-Series Arm upstairs, as she already has the D-Series Head and to meet her in the trailer afterwards.[33] Because Marguerite's lantern is required access that area, Ethan has no choice but to confront and kill her for it. After acquiring the arm, Ethan's worsening infection leads him to hallucinate the young Eveline as he makes his way back to the RV.[34] Meanwhile, however, Lucas captures Zoe as well.

Ethan finds Zoe isn't there. Lucas calls to reveal he has the captured Zoe & Mia, and beckons him to get D-Series head from him.[35] With no choice, Ethan pursues Lucas which involved exposing himself to his elaborate traps set up throughout the Main House and barn. Ethan manages to solve the "Happy Birthday" puzzle which nearly exposes Lucas prompting him to flee to his lab, leaving the head behind and a clear path to Zoe & Mia in the boat house.

Ethan unbinds the two and Zoe makes two serums from the ingredients and prepares to leave via boat.[36] However, a heavily mutated Jack arrives to stop them forces Ethan into another fight.[37] Ethan is spurred by Zoe to use a serum on him, which effectively stops Jack and appears to kill him.[38] Now with only one serum, Ethan chooses to cure and leave with Mia, Zoe bitterly stays behind but Ethan promising to find help.[39] Zoe wanders into the swamp, where she is calcified by Eveline. Meanwhile, on the boat, Mia still suffering from memory loss fails to explain to Ethan what's going on before they come across the Annabelle in surprise.[40]

Eveline's plan

With Ethan and Mia finally together, Eveline begins her plan of helping Mia regain her memories to get consent that they can be a family again. She first throws them off the boat with mold then lures Mia into the ship by taking the unconscious Ethan in. Inside, Eveline makes Mia hallucinate flashbacks of 2014 to remind her she was her caretaker, or "mommy" to Eveline. With her memories back, Eveline asks if they can be a family again to which Mia harshly says they never will. With that, Eveline decides she doesn't want Mia anymore and allows her to reach Ethan intending to influence her and make her kill him.

Mia wakes him up and thanks to the serum however, is able to resist Eveline long enough to hand him Eveline's tissue samples she realized she had on her person, force him out of the room, and tells him to kill Eveline. Around this time Blue Umbrella's Bravo 1 team searches the Baker property not finding Eveline but encrypted messages from Lucas.

Spurred and angered by losing Mia once again, Ethan follows the path he's on which leads out of the ship and to the mine office. There he overhears a radio report from Bravo 1 to Alpha 1 stating their findings, plans meet up to look for Lucas in the mines, and to kill Eveline if she is encountered.

Ethan chooses to go through the mines himself and winds up in Lucas' lab. With the tissue sample, he synthesizes a toxin that can destroy Eveline. Eveline becomes aware of this and begins sending Molded to kill him and taunts by taking advantage of his worsening infection.

Umbrella manages to rescue Mia via helicopter and heads towards the Guest house meanwhile a team of three soldiers scout the salt mine and report they believe Lucas could be down there before falling victim to him and loosing contact with their comrades. Ethan just missing making contact with Lucas and Umbrella, manages to make his way to the basement of the Guest House, where he engages in a psychological battle against Eveline until he injects her with the toxin. This mutates her into a gigantic monster that starts consuming the property and then she knocks Ethan through the wall of the second floor onto the ground outside.

Ethan has a grueling battle with Eveline's while crippled and immobile just as more soldiers are arrive by helicopter. Umbrella drops down a Albert-01 handgun loaded with Ramrods and tells Ethan through the Genome Codex to use it which he does killing Eveline once and for all. Chris retrieves Ethan and boards him on their helicopter with Mia while several soldiers remain to clean up the mess. Happily reunited and safe now, Ethan expresses an optimistic future, and requests Umbrella to search for, rescue, and cure Zoe too.

Blue Umbrella pursues Lucas

Having rescued Ethan and Mia, Chris continues the operation and look for the missing unit in the salt mine and to pursue Lucas because could be their only link to The Connections.

Chris falls into a trap set by Lucas, who attaches a bomb to him after killing one of his men. Instead of turning back to remove the bomb, Chris continues on and Umbrella gets confirmation of Lucas contacting The Connections. Throughout Chris’ exploration of the mine, he encounters the WM series of Molded, locates the other two missing operatives but Lucas has them both killed by traps, then sets off the timer on Chris’ bomb but with the help of HQ, Chris finds liquid nitrogen to freeze the bomb and disposes of it.

HQ suggests to Chris to check beyond a shield door, where once inside, Lucas locks Chris in and sets it on fire. Believing Chris to have perished and safe from pursuit, Lucas moves to his lab and emails an unidentified buyer informing them he's about to send the data, which Umbrella intercepts.[41] Now with the element of surprise, Chris catches up to Lucas who attacks him with a knife, which forces Chris to shoot him and triggers' Lucas mutation into a large monster. Chris manages to kill Lucas for good, and shoots the hard drives to prevent the transfer of Lucas' data.

Umbrella then sets up a perimeter wall to contain the mold outbreak. He then returns to the Main House, where, despite his mission's success, he laments his inability to save the Bakers.

Saving Zoe

The mold continued to spread throughout the swamp prompting Blue Umbrella to create cures for infection should they find any survivors, including Zoe. Joe Baker, Zoe's uncle and Jack's brother, living as a hermit in the area unaware of what had occurred, adapted to fighting the Molded instead of migrating or calling for help.[42]

Weeks later, two soldiers find Zoe in the swamp calcified but still breathing.[43] However, they are confronted by Joe who mistakenly believes they're responsible for Zoe's condition, who assaults them and takes one captive. The imprisoned soldier explains to Joe that they have a cure located in a nearby shack. Joe retrieves it while the further mutated and unrecognizable Jack Baker, sets Joe's house on fire. The cure is ineffective as it is a partial dose, so the soldier volunteers to lead him back to their base for a full dose, but he is attacked and killed by Jack before he could say where. Joe flees with Zoe on a boat to look for the base, however, soldiers were forced to move it and end up slain.[44]

By moving towards a nearby light structure, Joe discovers the base but abandoned, swarming with Molded, and the cure relocated. During Joe's efforts to retrieve it solo and return to Zoe, Jack fights him multiple times then abducts Zoe. Joe locating Zoe again, begins another fight with Jack and realizes its his brother as shell of his former self, and is knocked out and put into a coffin as Jack moves Zoe to his house.

Umbrella forces engage Jack there and call for reinforcements via radio, which a team lead by Chris responds to and Joe happens to hear after washing up on shore. Joe salvages a AMG-78 power gauntlet from Umbrella's belongings to break a barrier to make it into the family property. In the house, he finds Zoe and battles Jack one last time, using the gauntlet to finally end Jack's misery. He administers the dose to Zoe, who awakens just as Chris' team arrives.

After moving everyone to a lab tent, Zoe is fully cured expresses relief to Joe that her nightmare is finally over. Chris calls Ethan inform him of Zoe's rescue and hands the phone to her so the two can reconnect. Ethan reminds her of his promise to get her help, and she thanks him.


The precise number of victims of the Baker family is uncertain, though it is believed to have been higher than 40. The majority of the missing were vagrants or tourists.[45]


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